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  1. I don't mean to sound like I'm braging because this was actually awful and was the reason I stopped playing BnS for years (until today) but I spent $500 on that trove SPECIFICALLY for this outfit. I wanted this outfit so much I would have sold my right arm for it. And after god knows how many spins at the trove, it NEVER showed up. I got literally EVERYTHING ELSE -EXCEPT- for Dark Emissary. Please don't put it in an RNG box. I don't even know if it was actually in the trove in the first place. I would have given up all of my spoils from the trove if I could've just got that one thing but nope
  2. I've been trying to fix this for a bit but I think it'd be better to ask. I have a problem with other peoples skills in my party causing my FPS to lag/drop suddenly throughout fights, but I also need to be able to see important markers (for example, Zakhan marking someone or myself, etc) so I'm wondering what settings can I change to lower the skill effects without losing the markers? I've looked at the descriptions for the graphics settings and tried changing some of them but it's a pain to keep having to modify the settings and re-testing, especially when you're in the middle of a fight a
  3. Thanks for the reply, guys. I'd like to use fire build because occasionally my ping isn't exactly on point, and I'm not 100% with ani cancelling, so I'd prefer to stick with Fire, although maybe I'll try lightning when I get adjusted more to BM. So for fire, what's a good recommendation for my soul badge? And best rotation for tanking? Also, @SalemK what's the best way to go as far as avoiding getting hit or what not throughout a fight? Just block, or iFrame (with Q for instance) ? I guess it would be situational.. But I want to make sure I know what's up before I start trying to go
  4. Hey guys. Just like the title says, I used my voucher to make a Blade Master, because there are way too many gunners in my opinion, and I wanted to try my hand at something that could be more useful to most parties (I don't mean any offense to gunner players- I apologize in advance) That being said, I'm asking for some help on where to get started with BM. What are the rotations and what should I know in general about this class that will help me in being a good tank? Any input is highly appreciated! I look forward to (hopefully) being a good tank in the future ^^ P.S: I am not new t
  5. Original Post: https://bns-xos.tumblr.com/post/167699828674 If this exists, I really want it
  6. Is anyone else having these problems? Just before maintenance the game was running perfectly fine for me. Now all of a sudden whenever I'm in a party I get a massive FPS drop during combat (not a problem I had before) and my game keeps randomly freezing, which happens usually whenever I go to crafting or view my weapon upgrade path. I end up having to force close it and re-open BnS. But sometimes it also freezes up temporarily at random and I'll have to wait for it to stop. I don't know what's causing all these issues but it's extremely frustrating. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions
  7. Is it possible to get the Merry Potter outfit/accessory from somewhere else? Because I can't complete this achievement without them Dx the requirements need to be fixed if it doesn't exist anymore
  8. I have a Poharan pet that I equipped to my SF. It's not upgraded or anything and says "Export Available" but I have no idea what that means. Is there any way to send this to my gunner? I would like my GS to be my main, so it would be great if I could use my pet there instead. Thanks.
  9. 95 c isn't bad? I'm not being sarcastic, I'm legit curious. I'm still learning new things about how to manage my computer, so.. Anyway, my problem here is that any time my GPU or CPU goes above 80 C my FPS plummets. I do not know how to fix this, and I am afraid to do something like overclocking without some guidance because I do not want to damage my card. As of now, I've tried dusting out my comp. I haven't removed the back or anything to get into the hardware, though. A family member was helping me with that and we'll have to come back to the issue of looking at the hardware
  10. Hey everyone. I just recently discovered that the reason I was experiencing low FPS is due to my GPU heating up too much and too quickly. When I start BnS at 60 C it runs at 120FPS but over the minute it takes to heat up, it plummets to 14 - 20 FPS and my GPU goes all the way up to 95 C which is, obviously, really bad. On idle it runs 58 - 60 C. I tried underclocking it, enabling VSync, messing with graphics, etc. but that doesn't seem to do much for my temp going up so high. I got Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and MSI Afterburner. I was going to set a custom temp for my GPU on MSI
  11. Uhh.... Just one of a few benchmark tests with my specs. Not with minimum, but with recommended. Also I'd like to point out that I've been here since beta and never had issues with FPS until recently... Most sites say I should be getting at least 60 FPS. Sorry, I'm not trying to sound rude in my reply but I would just like to politely say that I don't think that's accurate. Not the best graphics card, sure, but for BnS? It should be more than fine. EDIT: This benchmark also asks if it's a desktop or laptop, so that is also taken into account
  12. Yeah I'm still looking for a solution to this problem. So far the only development I made was when I was looking at my NVidia settings for the 100th time. I found this: I don't know how to change it over because I told it to use my GeForce card but it isn't. This concerns me because now I'm wondering if, for some reason, my computer is forcing the integrated graphics card to run BnS despite specifying under the 3D settings to use my GeForce card. But I enabled that thing that shows what programs are running under that GPU and when I start up programs after that it says
  13. @Lucifer The LightBringer I tried all those tips to improve performance and I'm not seeing any difference in my FPS. Actually, it's acting worse than usual today. I really don't know what to do about this. My hardware is much better than what your spare gaming laptop uses, so I'm not understanding why this is an issue. At this point, I'm considering just reverting to Windows 7. BnS is mainly what I play when I'm at home, so I am willing to go back to an earlier Windows if that will bring out the full potential of my graphics card in this game. :(
  14. Unfortunately this didn't make a difference for me. @Tsuzor Upgrading to Win10 didn't make a difference sadly :(
  15. @Lunarnyan Yeah I have the same problem. I tried everything and it didn't work.. So eventually I literally factory reset my computer (just the other day actually) and it's still doing the same thing.. I LOVE BnS so I really, really don't want this to continue being a problem, but even submitting a ticket and getting help from NC themselves didn't help. I appreciate them trying to fix my problem but I just have no idea what to do. All my diagnostics are fine. Everything else on my computer runs fine, even games that are way more graphics heavy than BnS (I.E Nier Automata) It has sup
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