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  1. Yes but you need A creditcard Or a paypal account with a creditcard setup. I have paypal i do not own a creditcard. It only gives me these 2 options.
  2. Where dit all the payment options go ? I used to be able to pay true IDEAL etc, Now im forced to setup a creditcard. the only premium i can buy with ideal is in the ingame store and thats 90 days...
  3. Thank you, just found it confusing. I never seen the live stream.
  4. Hello i've came back after a while.. I have recieved the horizon belt, King Gloves, and the Phoenix Bracelet. But the Phoenix Bracelet is for a Destroyer and I'm Playing warden is this a bug or do i need to do anything? Any info would help me out and sorry if it's asked alot already.
  5. Infinity tower is retarded pisses me of evrytime just today i had a blade dancer npc that wasa on 1 hp for 20 sec i just couldnt kill him no mather how mutch dmg i did its broken as fck
  6. Its funny how people claim its not p2w. when the top Korea Players even say its p2w. Pay2Advance thats a good one lol This game is all abaut progression if you can go from 500 power to 800 just by spending money its p2w Hilarius People defending NCsoft They did the same with gw2, they always say we dont like to do it but then still do it. You're getting used and fcked evry single time with the same condom.
  7. Impossible to any faction daily's on my server it says the both are balenced but thats bulshit 20 to 1 evryday.
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