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  1. Black Screen (Cutscenes

    Yes, and then in spite of the fact that you were already logged in you are put back into the queue. This means that if the client locks up you get put at the bottom of the queue. Not cool
  2. Usually after stuns or other special move the screen can not be moved with the mouse or trackball. The only way that I am able to move the screen view is by pressing alt and right clicking on the screen. This prevents a significant number of moves from being executed as they only can be performed when the opponent is targeted. It makes the PVP very awkward and clumsy to execute.
  3. Every time I change the sequence of chat windows and change zones the chat windows change back to the original sequence.
  4. It seems that every time I enter a new zone the game zooms my character view into close combat view. It is not hard to zoom (mouse scroll out) out, but it is an irritant to constantly have to zoom back out to a preferred viewing distance.
  5. It doesn't happen consistently enough to screen capture, but the screen goes out of focus except the character at apparently random intervals. Did not experience this during previous play in CB1 and Alpha 2.
  6. Terain rubberbanding

    There is certain rock structures when running at normal speeds and some fairly flat surfaces when moving faster that cause a rubber banding effect or prevent the character from moving forward.