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  1. So oddly my post was deleted. Anywho im looking to pick up the azure dragoon outfit aaaaaand i really dont want to pay 20k+ gold cause i just dont have that amount. im lucky to get 2k. If theres anyone that will work out some kind of deal with me on a box id appreciate it. message me here or on my archer Lareesa. Thanks!! <3
  2. problem with hongmoon cave area

    so im trying to finish this new "legend of the hongmoon arts" or whatever quest chain Soha gives me and every time i enter the cave my game gets to 90% on the load bar and stops loading.... the little lyn keeps running and messages keep scrolling but it stops loading. ive tried several times now even restarted my PC and same thing every time. When i go into task manager to close the game its showing BnS maxing out my processor and everything. Theres no way this game should max out every computer process as my RAM is larger than this total game.
  3. it doesnt matter. all the servers are being merged into 1 server so just pick one.
  4. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    Ok just bought the 6 stamps to transfer Devotion, which is on the list, but its not letting me mail the item to my Warlock. QQ
  5. Premium Membership

    I purchased the 90 day sub and nothing is showing up on my account in BnS. Its showing up on my NCsoft account info and everything but nothing in the game. Am I being impatient? lol
  6. Premium Membership

    i used paypal and purchased the 90 day sub havnt seen anything yet in game. checked everything. Showing up as purchase complete on my account but nothings been posted to paypal yet. Hell not even my founders pack has been applied yet which is odd.
  7. Premium Membership

    yeah nothing in game at all. not even my initiates pack i bought back during the beta and i just applied it to my account. Got an email saying it was activated but at the character selection screen up at the top right says i have no subscriptions. maybe it has something to do with paypal cause mine isn't showing up either