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  1. Stick with 6 slots, getting to stage 6 is easy as hell cause you have a chance of what happened to me..... Seriously use the 6 slot and never look back
  2. There is no way you are playing warlock correctly, I see warlocks less geared than you or similar in one way or another doing 100k+
  3. You will have to go back and forth with support for quite awhile. I gave up after day 4 and bought card codes on Amazon and gave up on paypal
  4. Two best in my eyes are two guy characters... and I thought I would only see female characters I would like.
  5. I name vouchered very recently, like a week or two ago and I had to wait 24 hours in order to use the name.
  6. Yes, I know that it's in terrible shape but my comment wasn't direct about any of that at all. Like I said a few times already, my comment was directed to the point where the OP said that it's not soloable, specifically pokey which in fact, it is. You need to learn to put this on one side and that on the other since my comment wasn't directed to the poor management of the game (Which I've said repeatedly they they keep fcking up and this was a bad idea.) but directed to where he believes it's not soloable. TL:DL All I stated was that it's soloable. Did I say anything else? No. Did I say th
  7. First of all, lvl 30 stuff is more mid tier levels which are sitll soloable by every class even a non summoner and are in fact soloable by everyone (especially pokey). Did you two not read anything else I typed? I never once said it was a bad thing they removed it, I was correcting what the OP said about how they aren't soloable when in fact they are. Other than dark glimpse, everything else I solo'd when I went in and did it on my warlock while leveling it. The only reason why I didn't do dark is because it's a cancer instance that makes you want to die from boredom. Basically I'm not aga
  8. Ah, true it's green. Haven't bothered logging on for awhile so totally forgot. However, it's still soloable. Might be hard but it is and you can still level past there with the weapon and go back when it seems harder to kill stuff and solo it. Anyways, besides that, even for a new person 20 silver really isn't huge by that point. Sure, 2 gold can be pushing it a bit but I only ever saw those weapons go up that high when the warlock one came out. They all might of gone up by then but hey, who knows. They can always ask in faction chat if someone has a spare or if they can help or use the thing
  9. The OP Said that it wasn't soloable and all I said that it's 100% soloable and pretty easy. Plus, at the end of the day you don't really need to do those dungeons and can skip them all, it saves time on leveling and you can alwyas go back for the items when you're a higher level if you don't want to buy them in the market for a few copper or silver.
  10. Those low level dungeons are soloable by everyone.
  11. I don't care if it's added or not, it just needs to be the lowest priority on the list of things they will add / do cause there's a lot more things that need to be done before something like this.
  12. I don't want a gunner class. What I want is a good spear class or maybe staff.
  13. I would. I wouldn't quit for this reason but if for some reason I lost a name I really liked and couldn't get it back I would 100% quit
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