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  1. I initially thought this was a bug but then, I was referred to the "UE4 Questions" posting where it was stated this was an intentional feature removal from UE4. I can't understand why NCSoft made the decision to remove the gamepad/controller support in UE4, considering the impact it would have in a good portion of the existing community. I have used a controller since day 1 (founder here), to reduce the pain / stress in my hands from the use of a mouse and keyboard for extended periods of time (3 or more hours). As you may figure I am not a young man and forcing me now
  2. Bug Summary: Gamepad Option is no longer available in Options/Game/Camera settings Reproduction steps: Opened the Settings and go to Game/Camera tab and the Gamepad option is no longer at the bottom of that tab.
  3. Sunshine, is NC going to setup the NPC to exchange the badges for the new Will of Iron spec or are we expected to invest in the new gear for it?
  4. Common NC, who designed and tested these new events? even with the weapons the boss in DM (the easy one) insta kills you with just a swing of his arm. This is STUPID if you are expecting everyone to run the first stage and leave the most difficult one for whales with high end gears. I just attempted DM with one of my alts who has Raven SS and 208k HP. No matter how I set her up, she gets insta killed and the fact that CC bars won't open regularly does not help. The event Weapon does helps with the damage is unreal. You have to use between 10-15 dragon bloods to handle the insta kills to a
  5. That is the spirit of a poor customer service and lack of vision. NC failed horribly up and they expect the players to pay the price as they refuse to fix it. NC is a total JOKE!!! no wonder people left their team already.
  6. NCSOft is another game developer that has killed my desire to play their game. Taking all the demon spirits I had to make my sacred oils without replacing them with an equivalent material and amount to continue the same way was stupid and a total rip off. Also, the replacement of White Orbs that was cost between 4-6 gold for the Ascension Orb fragments that each is now costing more, makes the event stupid as the rewards for the loot are not really worth that much. Of course I am assuming the party members will leave the loot for the dude who uses the orb. NC is a total disappointment and I
  7. Hello, basically I can't use ANY Wing adornments after the patch, not sure if any other type is also having problems. Please review, Thanks Gazelle
  8. It seems. For some of us grind everyday is not an option. This events assumes players can do it everyday but not everyone can. Sadly, this is one of the best events NC has made this year to allow us to gear up new chars and its lenght was too short to completly take advantage of the weapon, soul and pet aura that were offered. I'll just discard the emblems tomorrow and kiss my time and effort goodbye.
  9. NCsoft, with the amount of emblems required to upgrade the soul, weapon and pet, there is little chance for those of us with RL commitments to do so. I currently have 3 fleeting items at stage 5 and I won't have enough time to collect what I need for the Brilliant stage by next Wednesday Oct. 17th. Any chances on keeping the current event on going for at least two more weeks? Thank you
  10. I am also unable to buy NCoins due to the same Error: PGC1801
  11. The server lag and crashes are terrible tonight. There are lag spikes that don't let you use skills, you just move the character like a moron without doing anything. This is truly bad on Beluga as you can't attack anyone and you die horribly. Please fix this crap.
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