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  1. And I bet they were geared equally, had same ping and Gunner wasn’t using TAB - Soul Buff - Bracelet Buff all of them together, right?
  2. Aww aren’t you guys happy now? I just hope you won’t get too bored because you won’t have to bash Gunners now and have to wait for a bit on which class to whine about c: Also, I wonder what’s your next excuse gonna be when you get ravaged in BG and won’t be able to blame Gunners anymore to hide your inexperience. Probably next “OP” class.
  3. Yeah that’s what I’ll do I guess, if it ever drops and I actually member your topic about that lol. I was like, oh shit... now that you mention it..
  4. To me it feels like they completely removed Bracelet from NS... Not to mention now they made it even more complicated because there’s no guarantee that it’ll drop the one that fits your class better.
  5. Gems are just fine the way they are now, no need to do anything. Do something about pets!
  6. Wait so even if it drops it’s another RNG now? Because if I want Tiger and it drops Dragon, there’s no way to exchange them unless I upgrade it to stage 10?
  7. Yes! How dare you not to know all the buffs and debuffs names?! You’re so casual compared to the superior all knowing elite like him! Now go and learn all these names or else YOU don’t know your characters well! /shocked/ Anyway... I like your idea, it’s always good to have more info about buffs and debuffs.
  8. RNG - Random Number Generation. To make it easy to understand, it’s your luck in the game. You might run one dungeon 100 times and never see legendary accessory but someone might run it once and get it on the first try. It’s random and very unfair sometimes... MSP - Midnight Skypetal Plains It’s a 12 man dungeon and you get your first decent Soul shields from there. Like I said. Decent Soul shields are from MSP, good ones are from Black Tower also 12 man dungeon and the best ones drop from Vortex Temple, the endgame dungeon. As for accessorie
  9. You said the best. So getting everything that is best is hard and time consuming and by everything I mean EVERYTHING. Soul shields, weapon, Soul, Pet, accessories. Not to mention the RNG. If it’s on your side you’ve got other people to outbid and then you have to gather materials to upgrade them. It’s not easy. But they made much easier to get decent gear that can get you to 800-850AP and it’ll be even easier after 6th December. Anyway, before you start your journey to the best. You should start with decent. Your first priority is to get MSP legendary soul shield and your Baleful/
  10. Oh buddy... either someone lied to you when they told you it’s easy to get the best stuff or you met someone deluded which we see here time to time, for whom everything in this game is easy to get but it isn’t... Getting to lvl 50 + HM4 is like tutorial these days so that’s nothing. Also you get Baleful/Seraph from the quest but those are far from the best. Anyway, more you play more you’ll realize how insanely wrong you were when you made this topic lol. So just get to lv 50 and start doing daily dungeons and PvP if you like. That’s all there is to do in this game until you get enough stats t
  11. Unfortunately Duelist bundle is the easiest and fastest way to get them if you don’t pvp and don’t even dream to get one by farming because drop rates are reduced to sh*t.. And I assume your class is Gunner so good luck with PvP lol... so that leaves F10
  12. For Fire go with Holy Fire. It gives you buff every time you use F which increases your chances a lot to use triple shot and then gives you 5 explosive rounds, also can be fused to make legendary and also with this badge your DPS won’t die after using TAB. Or you can use Primal Badge that gives you two more seconds on your Bullet Storm (TAB) which is worthless with high ping since you won’t be using to it’s full potential. As for shadow go with the one that gives you 4 more seconds on your Dark Mark buff, forgot which one is that but you can check at ToI NPC.
  13. Once nicely geared and most importantly correctly geared, they are both pretty much the same. Difference might be very small so at the end it comes to preference. Which playstyle you like more. I went for Fire but not because of it’s “soooo op” like these whiners are crying about it since the Gunner came out, but it’s much easier to play Fire build compared to Shadow. I don’t like constantly watching for my dark light buff to not fill up and constantly applying the Dark Mark buff for full damage and the animations are weird, but that’s me.
  14. Yes they do drop in fact everyone keeps saying it drops more from floor 20 yet everyone get them from 16-19 so just farm till you puke #bnstyle
  15. They can’t be that stupid right?? I mean it’s NCsoft... known for the brightest ideas.. but this?? So classes that have nothing expect DPS get their damage nerfed to the level of classes that have few exclusives? Or I misunderstood something here?
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