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  1. Where did you hear this info at? Please share so we can get on the hype train too. O.O
  2. Lets say I just started playing this game today. If I can toss $1000 at this game to max level my character, my gear and my armor in all of 1 sec while it takes 1 full year for F2P to farm and max everything, that is pay to win. It is P2W because the F2P will never be able to compete with me. The minute F2P cannot easily compete with someone using cash to level is the minute it becomes P2W. If a F2P only has to farm for a week or 2 to catch me the card swipe player, then that is not P2W because a new level patch is not going to roll in that soon to set us apart. Thus allowing for F2P and card
  3. Yun are the only class missing their own class, I don't really know why though. :/ Is it because there is no male counterpart I wonder?
  4. I personally like the race only classes, it contributes to the overall world building for me. Sort of how we met those shadow walker people in the desert, its like a glimpse at Jin history for me. In most cases I don't like race specific classes. But with this game I do because the overall world they have created for the races is interesting. Although they have not given any solid lore about each races class specific battle style. That lyn with an ax is funny though. xD Going to chop you down by the ankles. lol
  5. I am not particularly against the DPS meter, I can see the pros and cons for it, however you speak as if you have never even heard of an elitist, as if the words bully, troll, god complex, and toxic mean nothing. The words "they will understand" cannot be attached to an elitist. You do realize that an elitist is a person who feels elevated above others as if their kind are superior to all others. Elitist doesn't mean someone belonging to an elite. You can be an elite player and NOT be an elitist, and you can be a terrible player, but be an elitist. As stated earlier, elitist have a
  6. Look at how understanding elitist are with the character profile viewing ability. Next you are going to start telling people that most elitist don't have ego problems, but are simply misunderstood humble human beings only seeking inner peace. (sarcasm) In all honesty they should just move all the elitist to the mushin server and segregate them from the rest of the community by placing them in some sort of elite only server so they can have their little toxic MOBA like world without it affecting anybody else.
  7. Why don't you just buy the name change voucher and change her name? NCsoft is only going to put both vouchers together and up the price anyway, so just go buy it separately.
  8. Ok this really needs to stop. Saying but TW or JP, or CH have wardrobe free is not a legit argument to get wardrobe. Its nothing more than whining that someone else got something bigger and shiner and you (the community) are that immature 5 year old that wants it too just because. We are not CH, TW, or JP, so who cares what they got. We don't need to have what they have. We need to have our own good premium for the NA. Wardrobe is a bad business choice not because every other version gives it free, but because it does not encourages outfit sales. It instead forces players to think
  9. Causing prices to drop is not crashing the market. Players over pricing items to the point barely anyone can buy what they need is what crashes a market.
  10. You can preview the breast implant bikini in the wardrobe F3.
  11. That sounds like NA. Always shooting itself in the foot and then blaming others for letting them have the gun in the first place. lol NCsoft is not responsible for the players greed, what sort of nonsense are you spewing. Not everyone finding gold is going to allow greed to define them. You the player are responsible for your own actions. You want to destroy the economy because you are greedy, that is all on you. That is not the fault of NCSOFT. That is like saying a casino is responsible for your gambling addiction or a liquor store is the one to blame for your alcohol addiction. Nobo
  12. Current Benefits we have: Increased Gold Earned from Daily and Field Quests Usefulness: Useless Comments: When prices are 200 - 900 gold, then getting an extra 25 silver isn't really helping you out. Price hikes make this useless. The economy is at fault here and not so much this system. But it doesn't change the fact that its sort of useless. Increased XP Earned from Daily and Field Quests Usefulness: Sort of Helpful Comments: I was questing with a non-premium friend. I hit HM1 once all the quest ran out while they had to dungeon grind. I think the
  13. Oh nice. Thank you for sharing this. I saw only this thread: Every was saying it most likely wasn't going to happen on there, so I wanted to suggest a way on how it could work in hopes that NCSOFT would suggest it to the devs. So glad to hear it is already out in Korea. Hopefully it will make its way to us soon. Edit: added part They are releasing a gender and race change. So only the Class change voucher is missing. Then players can change from blade masters to assassins if they wish to.
  14. As the title states. I would like to suggest a class & race change voucher to be sold in the IM for about the same price as a character slot voucher is. Class Voucher This voucher would allow players to change their class 1 time per voucher used. Players can only change to the class available to their race. (For example: A Jin Assassin CAN change to a Jin Warlock, but a Jin Assassin canNOT change to a Jin Destroyer.) In order to use the class change voucher, players will need to take off their weapon. They should be warned to remove any gems in their wea
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