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  1. Premium Member Queue

    I'm a Premium Founding member who's sunk at least a hundred dollars into this game. I'm not in the Mushin server, and yet it tells me I CAN'T EVEN ENTER A QUEUE. I'm getting a refund.
  2. Premium Member Queue

    "Waaaahhh when I log into the one server that houses 50% of the entire game's population I have quuuueeues!" Sounds like a personal problem to me.
  3. not seeing founder pack items

    After you apply the code, as I hear you need to be level 4 because... reasons. There's no point trying to understand NCsoft and their ways.
  4. Black screen after cinematics

    This was a problem back in CBT 1, too. lol NCsoft, the EA games of MMOs.
  5. Text bugs/inconsistances

    I'm frequently seen Namsoyoo called Nam Soyoo within and around Blackram Narrows. The text-speech inconsistencies are also incredibly cringe-worthy during the questline to unlock Dragon Pulse riding. There's also Nan here from Stillbrook Monastery. The translation looked like it was done very lazily.
  6. only 1 ranged class???

    Have you gone beyond level 3? There's guns all over the game.
  7. Question & Suggestion for the Wardrobe

    If they just made the wardrobe account-wide if you're premium, that'd be enough for me to be satisfied.
  8. Not Fun at all with PVP in towns

    I've noticed that half of the population in this CBT utterly fails with reading comprehension. Tooltips exist for a reason. Please read them. Don't try to take away PVP from other players just because you're too lazy to read items before you put them on.
  9. Around level 20 when you obtain Blight weapons and upgrade from your Hongmoon to Awakened Blight weapon, the repair cost doesn't just double - it quadruples. What was previously a 7 copper repair cost on every visit to town has exploded to a whopping 2-3 silvers. This is rather ridiculous to maintain and the abrupt explosion in repair costs is ridiculous, especially when repair hammers are so expensive. Please consider lowering the repair costs at the very least. Thank you.
  10. So if you manage to fall off the map in the starting zone, not only do you die, but you have no choice but to delete your character as there's no resurrection prompt. Not okay. Please fix this, guys.