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  1. wait wait , am'i getting this right , people wants to make client modification in an mmo with pvp/pve ranking legit, wow just wow , it can't get any lower than that .
  2. in korea they cant use xml anymore , bring whatever korea is using Support of Anti Cheat , no anti cheat , i'll leave again to hell with the game.
  3. hm ok thanks , but where is Primewald , i just returned to the game after more than a year break , pet gem could be a handy boost , thanks .
  4. what is the afk farming zones which gives 90ap for free ?
  5. Well Said man , all top players are currently in 1500 silver , make it near impossible to reach gold while wintrading with eachother , we know ncsoft doesn't give a damn , class based ranking and limiting hmcoin reward to the highest character per account , would fix arena , but anyway the game is dead as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ , u're playing vs the same 10 players , sadly the game had the best pvp in any mmo , ncsoft strikes again .
  6. Nagisa we love you and respect you a lot , but i disagree with u here , Darksma used every single xml and bug abused the game inside out , and most likely used them in 1v1 and 6v6 as well for hmcoin , he abused pve ladder as well using xml hacks and got ranked 1v1 everywhere , if u think he doesn't deserve the permanent ban that's shame. he did a lot of wrong to the game , if he loved the game this much he wouldn't have abused it the way he did. the ban is on him and he deserve it .
  7. the only way to fix the game is to close the game on startup if u altered the games files , once u alter the games file it will force a close on start up and the launcher will repair the files , if they are using bns buddy to run the game , they can pretty sure add a code to client64.exe to force a check on games files thus it will close if files being altered , the only disadvantage it will a bit more time to load , but it will be a cheater free game .
  8. the best scenario right now is to shut the server and think later of the best options lol.
  9. Nagisa taught 90% of the europerean players how to pvp , Grimoir u have no ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ idea what u talking about stick to pve . now there's something to note gunners can still 1 shoot but they need tons of pve gear now for that to happen.
  10. the problem is not the 25% damage reduction , they addressed the one shooting but they didn't address how strong some classes defensive abilities are , if they nerf warden/destroyer/kfm the 6v6 will be in a much better stats , but of course that's not gonna happen ,so it is what it is stop asking for nerfs and buf and damage reduction removal , the damage reduction debuff is not the problem , warden/kfm/destroyers are the problems .
  11. i kinda like the damage reduction they did with the patch but they forgot to adjust defensive classes like kfm/warden/destroyer which became unkillable if maxed gear, i would rather they keep the damage as is and look at the 3 classes defensive ability and adjust them accordingly
  12. it's not a pvp game , the balance is tottally out of whack everything broken ssd and xml edit hack abuser , just do arena or battleground for fun , don't take it 2 seriously , i do bg and arena when i need ss or ms to upgrade the gear
  13. i hope one day they will realise how bad bns buddy and xml editing is bad for the game and especially bad for pvp and ban it or do check files once the game load if the files were edited the game will exit and download the legit files.
  14. and people still believe bns pvp takes skill yesterday i faced an fm that he was 1 shooting from spawn to spawn when the game begins eruption hits you for 106k =)) i know it's an xml edit but no wonder why no one join arena and people were crying when they thought that they couldn't xml edit anymore , another failure from nc part , please ban bnsbuddy and lock those files from being edited anymore @Cyan
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