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  1. the best scenario right now is to shut the server and think later of the best options lol.
  2. Nagisa taught 90% of the europerean players how to pvp , Grimoir u have no ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ idea what u talking about stick to pve . now there's something to note gunners can still 1 shoot but they need tons of pve gear now for that to happen.
  3. the problem is not the 25% damage reduction , they addressed the one shooting but they didn't address how strong some classes defensive abilities are , if they nerf warden/destroyer/kfm the 6v6 will be in a much better stats , but of course that's not gonna happen ,so it is what it is stop asking for nerfs and buf and damage reduction removal , the damage reduction debuff is not the problem , warden/kfm/destroyers are the problems .
  4. i kinda like the damage reduction they did with the patch but they forgot to adjust defensive classes like kfm/warden/destroyer which became unkillable if maxed gear, i would rather they keep the damage as is and look at the 3 classes defensive ability and adjust them accordingly
  5. it's not a pvp game , the balance is tottally out of whack everything broken ssd and xml edit hack abuser , just do arena or battleground for fun , don't take it 2 seriously , i do bg and arena when i need ss or ms to upgrade the gear
  6. i hope one day they will realise how bad bns buddy and xml editing is bad for the game and especially bad for pvp and ban it or do check files once the game load if the files were edited the game will exit and download the legit files.
  7. and people still believe bns pvp takes skill yesterday i faced an fm that he was 1 shooting from spawn to spawn when the game begins eruption hits you for 106k =)) i know it's an xml edit but no wonder why no one join arena and people were crying when they thought that they couldn't xml edit anymore , another failure from nc part , please ban bnsbuddy and lock those files from being edited anymore @Cyan
  8. actually they can leave the event as is but make more channel thus everyone would be able to enter i think catchspell gave them the best idea , lock people from changing the channel inside hunter refuge. thus they'll fix the alliance issue everyone can pve and pvp and it would be fair for everyone as they could enter the zone , i stayed 2 hours yesterday pressing "w" to have the chance to enter and i couldn't.... if they gonna keep the event as is with hard cap @Cyan please disable it , it ain't funny 2% of the population in abusing alliance and 98% out standing at
  9. hello , what's the purpose of this event if 1% of the server population after server merge are in and inviting their clan mates having priority over others to enter . it's basically 99% are out and 1% are inside and staying inside for the sake of the already dying game disable this disaster thank you.
  10. it's f2p module who causes the pay2win issue in teh first place , we begged for sub only module and fell to deaf ears , a game shouldn't be free it cost money to make and maintain q
  11. the reason pvp dead my man is because of 20 alt same person the top 10 players each has 20 alt ruining the ladder and that's what killed pvp hm coin abuse is just like xml edit abuse. if they made the hm coin reward account bound it will play a big role in seeing different faces since those people with 20 alts will only play their main character .
  12. in my honest opinion u're just defending a broken design enjoy the 10 people that play arena each with 20 alt farming hmc , u're probably one of those who has 10 sf in top 10 , honestly this needs to go , and what u're saying about reducing players u just can't reduce what is already reduced , u're playing the same old 10 persons on different alts so yeah . getting reward account bound might actually encourage people to join arena or leave it as it is and and play against the same 10 people u're already playing against but now with xml edit gone actually arena can be fun again
  13. good Job Ncsoft <3 i totally agree with you removing all those xml editing stuff , a step in the right direction. thanks. this xml edit ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ went really 2 far in ladder manipulation and arena .
  14. well honestly getting reward on multiple character is a flaw in design , i'am sure if they made the reward account bound thus u can't have more than 1 reward on your account will probably fix most of hte issues we're havingg in pvp no one would bother with 10bm or 10archer etc etc since reward is account bound but will nc do it or it's 2 much for them .
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