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  1. Summoner nerfed.. again..

    This whole thread has started to turn into sad, but true, comedy relief. It shows, blatantly for all the world to see, the toxicity of this community. Wonder why a game is dying? Look in the mirror more than NC. I can't tell you the times I've: 1. Seen summoner hate 2. people ridicule players asking for advice in faction chat 3. Bullying 4. Being a general *cricket*. All those things are why your servers are getting less and less populated. Why would anyone want to stay and listing to all this *cricketing* ****shit that is dished out daily. People who'd rather not be in clans, are joining them so someone can answer questions and help them learn because the community is so toxic. Furthermore, to call people retards shows your own discriminatory attitude, dude, and you let it all be seen. To use a term that it's insulting to people who weren't born with healthy IQ is so odious that it almost...almost...makes me pity you.
  2. Summoner nerf ! I'm against it !

    Nerfs have been known to be coming for weeks if not months. This one doesn't bother me much at all and I play sum exclusively. And we can't hang? I can hang in WWV and survive even without a cat and a team that has at least 2 sum stands a very high chance of winning-so that makes us weaker? Not sure what the big fuss is about. What the hell does geography, and that's what you meant by the way, got to do with these nerfs? As I said above, it's been known for a while they were coming. In fact, I changed my build to get ready for it and do just fine. We were never meant to have FM dps no matter what anyone claims. I do fine on damage meters and in PvP so we're not that weak. Just because sum can't face roll people to get pvp rank doesn't mean we're weak.
  3. So is anything going to be done about 3v3 wintrading?

    I wouldn't hold my breath for NC to do anything since their 'punishment' for people quitting isn't squat.
  4. Ok

    There needs to be greater punishment for leaving WWV or any battleground early. Last 2 have been 5v6 and 4v6 bc same player has left right at the beginning, thus ruining our team's chances of win. Of course, given how toxic the community is in this game, the one's who do that are laughing their ass off at how they've screwed more people.
  5. Depends. I've seen my cat, and others, survive so long that the SM can revive all while the cat's still fighting. That's how I play WWV too. Although, it's kind of fun to wreck other summoners.
  6. As a summoner, I agree with you. No need to make it easier.

    No, you lose players due to a toxic community that has far more than *one* player in it. The evidence is seen while in-game chat and the 'elites' with unheard of AP requirements for low level dungeons. That's far more damaging than this post. Been saying that in our guild chat.
  8. Summoner Skills: Share your opinion!!!

    I've been trying the bees build, the row next to sunflower, and actually hit *harder* then I did with flower. My crits are an average of 2k higher than the sunflower...and if I use my lmb right it'll let me spam it without the launch time.

    OP just another one who wants SM removed from game and trying to use the old 'i'll take my ball and go home' bit to try to force NC to give them what they want. I have done damage tests on 4 man dungeon runs, with bees and with sunflower and the damage is laughable. I know how to use me rotations and have *cricket* near 600 ap and with sunflower I'm doing just under 6k. Bees is around 7k. I've seen destroyers outperform that, BD and BM do it also. In fact, I've seen just about all the classes do more dps. And that's when someone doesn't grab. If they grab, where I can use Moonfall, then it'll be closer to 8k avg. Gee, guess we need a nerf. At least I have my heals and that's all that matters to me :P
  10. Summoners nerfed again! Patch notes here.

    ONLY Summoner nerfed?? You can guarantee there'll be some more as people QQ...and maybe, just maybe they messed up on one of our skills and will fix it soon. However, I've not noticed and reduction of my damage; just how I need to use combo's better to make sure I stay in focus. And that's where it is at: no more button mashing, now combo's will also be necessary along with knowing when to drop your heals and when not to.
  11. Yehara Oblivion clan

    Oblivion seeking members, no level or AP requirement, to join our family. We are a combined PvE/PvP guild and have players in both NA and EU time zones. We do use Teamspeak (mainly for keeping up with each other while in dungeons or PvP) but voice isn't a requirement. If you're looking for a guild full of crazy (in a good way) members that'll help you advance and have fun then our clan is perfect. Contact officers: Zaraphina Interrogator Dannae xStellax RayaMoonlight WinterLightning
  12. why people attack this game all of the sudden?

    Then you haven't seen Aeria. In one of their more recently closed games, if you didn't spent anywhere between 200-300 USD, you were fish food. And, unlike here, ALL of your weapons and gear could be purchased that way, putting a bigger gap between paid players and free. I could go into much more detail about how that worked but I won't. All you need to know is this (And I got it from an inside source) that Aeria's money model was to get an AVERAGE of 1.2k USD to get a max geared toon. That's how it was marketed to several perspective devs. Why else do you think Bless is on Aeria? So, there's far, far worse out there than this.
  13. Summoners: so overnerfed

    In many ways, so was I. Only part I wasn't being a smart *cricket* was the PS...
  14. New Hamster needed