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  1. Ok first of all. Why the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ would you do this again. When in the past you devs always feel the "need" to nerf gold. This isnt the first time you have tried to mess with the gold from daily dungeons yet you worry about gold more over your shitty performance game or trying to make the game better. Instead you continously go back to nerfing or increasing gold. What happened all the patches before where you up the gold in the first place? Now you want to half it? I think you devs need to get your minds straight because you are clearly not thinking straight. On top of that you pr
  2. So I was thinking as a FM Main can we get customizable bangles like Tailor Outfits? or at least give us a jet black bangle.
  3. You do realise some people dont have friends if they are low geared? ever considered that?
  4. So, this issue about the MOML (My orb my loot). I suggest that devs do something about making the orb in heavens mandate only accessible to the person who used it. As they can only get the items from it and make the other players not allowed to bid on the items. I am tired and I'm sure many other people are as well, that people type in My orb my loot and still bid on things. We take our time to gain the ascension shards only to use the orb for HM to then have someone-else bid for it when you used the orb. It isn't fair for low level geared players who need the loot when they use their own orb
  5. Hey guys, I need help with something. So, i am a lvl 38 Force Master and I forgot to run these Force Master quests and the problem I seemed to be having is that when it says 'Use Frost Palm 3 times against the Red Training Dummy to freeze it' I do exactly what it does and it seems to not register on the quest line.. I have tried 1. Changing Channels = nope 2. Using Escape to leave the Dungeon = Nope 3. Made sure I used the Freeze skill in the BNS tree = Nope 4. Quit the game fully and still does not work. I am just wondering if there is a way to fix
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