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  1. Gearscore by tribunal-esports

    That's laughable honestly LOL...
  2. Gearscore by tribunal-esports

  3. Gearscore by tribunal-esports

    Hell my name doesn't even come up in the search lol
  4. Gearscore by tribunal-esports

    Do you have to register for it to work? Cause I tried just putting my name in and it didn't come up.
  5. Don't get discouraged with 4 mans

    Aww thank you if you haven't notice without the glasses I took the Ryofu look...was kinda time consuming to do.
  6. Don't get discouraged with 4 mans

    Yes I am just like most of the people who can and do run 4 mans. Thinking it is a waste of time. Seriously, I am here to tell you to keep trying and you will get what you are looking for eventually. Wind God
  7. Hongmoon Black Feather

    That page isn't showing anything for me....
  8. 4 Man Labyrinth Loot

    I agree
  9. Timer for Floor 8 first boss is way off t

    Yeah was trying to go all ice...my fault...
  10. Timer for Floor 8 first boss is way off t

    LMFAO funny thing is...I just beat it...
  11. Timer for Floor 8 first boss is way off t

    Well yeah I'll get it LOL.
  12. Timer for Floor 8 first boss is way off t

    Everyone said it was all 4 mins and 30 seconds...
  13. Now let me say this before, everyone screams "dps check" blah blah blah. I am perfectly fine with it being that way. I am even perfectly fine with it being a 4.5 minute timer. My issue which I am about to show is my timer is saying 2.5 mins then he kills me as you can see from the follow, he maybe had 30-40 seconds left to live. NCSoft this is pointed right at you...you need to fix this bug I am more then able to pass this with zero issue but I can't do that if the game you developed is bugged and I am sure now people will look at their own about this issue as well. https://gyazo.com/04f117bcb6037ea11434c409bb4e3e95