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  1. The "Share your Couples" Thread

    her destro and my fm (i like female characters :P) i gave her that widow hair on her bday a few days ago, love giving her stuff.
  2. Preparing for Warlock?

    i was not gonna make one but sudenly 1 day i decided to main it since warlock is the only class i haven´t played yet.

    might change something or nah
  4. Obsidian Serpent droprate...

    i had to do it 52 times to get it, i got both acces like 3 or 4 times each, now im on dreadtide arena, 114 almost 3k tag yet no costume :/
  5. asdasdasdasd el hype is real ahora mismo, no veo la hora de regresar de mi viaje pa saltar al ts a conocer a la gente y al 15 para hacer un rush al lv cap!!
  6. basicaly we can´t tell you how fun this game is based on your own play style, you can´t really tell hw fun bns is until you actully play it, y advice would be,just play it and then judge it.
  7. price of membership?

    just add something to the tread, yes you cant buy premium with HMcoins but it can be gifted which is nice
  8. Beta Client to Live Client

    i would love to know too, i also heard that they are not sure about it and will inform us soon but i´m not entirely sure. I don´t have problems downloading anything so it doesn´t matter for me, but some of my friends have wacamole internet and are worried about it.
  9. i was gonna travel to my childhood city and spend some quality time with my family as i do every year at this season, but my airplane comapy screwd up so i have to stay and hope i find something to do until the 15th next month.
  10. why not a closet beta 6 ?

    way to many betas man, i understand the xmas thing and all, and maybe a xmas event would be nice but omg, i didn´t even log in the las 2 betas, there was no reason to.
  11. Blade And Soul "Pay to Win"?

    that shop you open from your inventory with the premium is also an npc, the premium just alows you to have on your invetory but you can find it in some towns, its the same as the portable stash, once you reach prem lv9 you can open it from your inventory but you will find in towns also.
  12. Game too easy

    oh man another tread about game being to easy, and none of the owners have even reach lv40 yet, when we get the full content i am going to either cry or laugh hard when they start wiping in 4 man dungeons and even some 6 man dungeons at the begening lol. ppl just fail to understand that this game is not about leveling beng hard but end game (which is fine, some ppl are new, just don´t cry about it before reaching mx lv) wait for this sentences -well that was unespected (wipe 1) -omg again? (wipe 2) -WTF!! is going on (wipe 3) -OMFG!!!! noobs lear how to play (wipe 4) -i´m done (rage quit) they will probably rage quit in the second wipe lolololo
  13. Since you asked about a feed back.

    then you should of replied with more decency in the first place, you obviously got triggered by one single post because you didn´t agree with it. and yes, as an artist myself i think is insulting to censor my work because it doesn´t suit your taste, even tho i understand you are not asking for censorship or anything, just stating a point. this is a rated M game, if it bugs you so much to see other ppl wearing slutty outfits then you should probably work on your tolerance or not play the game since its obvious you do not like its art style which in this case is a big part of it, or maybe follow the advice ppl posted here and wait for a censor mod (even tho that could be againts the game rules) up to you.
  14. Last day for founders pack?

    if i am not mistaken, that is because headstart is opening at jan 15 night (like 00:00 i think) and there is no dead line for founder pourchase yet, they said on today stream that it will be at least untill headstart, jan 15