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  1. Design contest rewards

    Send them a mail with your three costume top choices. I used the contest email. Rewards will be sent by the end of the week. Costumes can't be exclusives or achievement outfits.
  2. Everyone past Desolate Tomb is a Jerk.

    Time to join the crimson side and come to "Usual Suspects" :^) . No. Seriously. Join us. Yer sound like a friendly person and if you don't mind being dragged along through all purple dungeons, then there's a good chance that you'll end up with better gear and profit more quickly including joining endgame raids and other benefits. If you haven't found a clan yet, hit me up via pm ingame or here on forums ( ign in my signature). Otherwise I hope yer found nice peeps and friendlier f8 groups. Cheers C:
  3. So you gave some more premium stuff to f2p peeps

    +discounted pvp items +discounted mystic badges why do people keep forgetting mystic badges..<_<
  4. Rosethorn drop rate is way too low

    There are two first step outfits- if you want to complete the hm store outfit section in your wardrobe, the purple first step is a must have. I for one got about 5 sets that I missed during their sale period so I'm really happy. I wasn't aiming for rosethorn since it's just too extra for me overall, it's just too overloaded. The weapon skins look nice. I opened about 30 chests +- and got almost all the outfits that I was missing+ a nice weapon skin for my Bm alt. C:
  5. Can i use my name again after i delete a character

    yes you can :) Unlike other games, Blade&Soul frees the name as soon as the character is deleted so don't worry.
  6. New Player

    Region?Server?Language? So many questions .3.
  7. Why?

    It's not so much about dps but keeping your threat skills active, for example counter or using threat skills constantly. Tanking also requires knowing boss moves in an out. If you get hit, knocked back or stunned, you lose your aggro holding skill effects which you have to keep up 24/7. After all, your job is to make your parties life easier so that they can brain afk. The problem is that, unlike ranged classes or non-threat users, you can't just stand in one spot ( well I try to keep evasion in a stable rotation so that the dps' people can stay and do their thing) and some bosses tend to move around a lot. If you're in a guild run then it should be sensible if classes like fm or wl look out for that ( most of the time they ignore you though and keep doing their thing which is annoying to be quite frank). If you're having problems to keep up aggro, then I advise working on your crit damage and crit as well as practicing boss moves and buff timers or aggro rotations that suit your playstyle. @Wataru No. There is a reason why not every class has threat skills and a lack of evasion possibilities- they're meant to dps, faceroll and die if they suddenly have aggro. B&S is designed around group work and semi roles to defeat bosses- if there are no tanks, then it will be a running fest ( mostly people running away from bosses because they never bothered with the moves) and "who gets to the boss faster before the timer runs out" or just a dps race against the boss killing you. If a tank makes playing your class boring, then you're playing it wrong. It also means that they're doing their job as intended.
  8. Yeh I assume she/he means the stuff you can obtain from 6-man, since they stated dc. So yeah, we probably both misunderstood kek, sry bout that.
  9. You're wrong, very wrong. All outfits ( except for enchanted seductress/temptress), including the accessories, drop from the twins and Hujin in Bloodshade Harbor ( as well as 24-man). (missing one there) Droprates for me ( solo) from left: Temptress ( most common drop) - 10 runs ( comes as a ticket), you can drop one ticket every +- 10-20 runs ( average) Noble of the Sea (Hujin drop)- can't tell because it was a random drop during old daily challenge ( sorry) Blindfold- 1 in every 20-30 runs ( I dropped two in total) Mask- ok this one took me 50runs to get Hair- 86 runs. If you're on jinsoyun and interested, we could farm them together next week. I will most likely want them on muh gunnerbby :3 you'llneedcoffeetho Zaiwei Achievement vendor ( I'm always broke, don't judge I don't even know where my gold is going tbh..)
  10. Clans can craft faction veils that render them hostile towards the opposing faction- and there is clan pvp, which is not entirely faction but still clan vs clan. I remember Blade&Soul having a third faction back then when the storyline offered two paths- light and dark path. You got a different outfit and could engage in different faction pvp entirely. However, that didn't work out and that system had been removed ( hence why you're now saving Jinsoyun). Other than that clan outfits shouldn't be hostile imo, since they are mostly fashion.
  11. Dead Reckoning Set...

    That's why things are called "exclusive"- people who didn't get the items for one reason or another during a specific time are not meant to get them anymore. I'd be "borderline elitist" too if ncSoft sold these outfits as the maximum founder pack perk (120€ mind you) and then give away an ugly recolor- but the original design nontheless- for free. It wouldn't matter what outfit it is to be honest, as long as it's a founder perk or was only available through an ( expensive) promotion ( with no give-aways). Of course people will feel scammed, think of them too lol. But we're just the evil elitists here, gotcha. One would think that at least founder items would be exceptions when it comes to recolouring outfits but alas, I wasn't disappointed. Quick Draw will still look better as the original- I'ma just pray that they're going to recolour Transcendence in a pretty pink or black if they're going to. Kthanksbai.
  12. Dead Reckoning Set...

    Founder titles: [all packs] The Founder ( D'uh) Initiate Pack: Pursuer of the Wind, The Founder Disciple Pack: Defender of the Ancients, The Founder [not sure about Pursuer of the Wind] Master Pack: The Founder, Pursuer of the Wind, Defender of the Ancients, Master of the golden Path. Founders ain't dead, people. They just use different titles.
  13. Nebula stone event was a scam, thank you!!!

    The Nebula event was aimed at players who didn't have their weapons on stage 12 yet- aka people who are still in the middle of gearing for BT; the event is also aimed at future 12man and to close the gap between gear among players. People should know by now that gear paths are being constantly changed and adapted so what are you being mad about exactly? It's a splendid event for the less money and time fortunate out there. Some of my guildies ( including me) use this event to get to the desired weapon stage or go dawn/riftwalk-> raven with the help of nebula stones- which otherwise would have been a pain in the ass to get within a decent amount of time, not gonna mention the costs.
  14. How about no. Founder pack items are EXCLUSIVE to founders and are meant to remain this way. You can be damn sure that Nexon will have all master pack owners up their arse if they even think about selling founder outfits, even recolors. Rare dungeon outfits? Ok, don't mind except for infinity challenge, it has to be earned since it also gives an achievement.
  15. Golden Flower - Copied?

    Again, this is not a Witch hunt, nor bullying or anything else. It's in the company's interest that we want proper action to be taken, it doesn't matter WHO the artist is or that they apologized, what matters is that they broke the rules and have to face the consequences. Stop making us look like evil bullies when all we want is people to follow specified guidelines in these type of competitions like everybody else and the respected company to respond in order to avoid such mistakes from the artists and hosts in the future. End of story.