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  1. Here is the thing, i see a lot of people complaining, but not really giving any ideas, or solutions... It is rather sad, so if you aren't going to put an idea/solution that many others will side with you on, or that is realistic.... please just leave my god...
  2. What is a Lyrn? I am assuming you're talking about a Lyn...
  3. can someone post a picture here...?
  4. I'd like a costume and more premium levels too, i also LOVED the idea of " moving the costumes with out stamps" idea, that would be BEAUTIFUL.. + one vote
  5. its called sliders :P Use them... I think the big issue with some peoples designs is the resolution. I remember i had two screens both had the same resolution one made her look fat, one made her look like a noodle, so it really depends on if people have the correct setting and i think a lot of people DON'T have it on the right setting... so you get the oddly made jins , etc..
  6. well, before that fix i used about 100 fabrics (HQ and Normal combined) and out of that i got....1 outfit pouch... the rest chewed my fabrics (which yes, i did use my costumes for ie: costumes i didn't want on my characters anymore at that time i couldn't move em so i thought why not. As pressing as that is, sadly thats HOW it is, i doubt they will be reimbursed, and it is very likely there is something in the TOS about it too..
  7. I have watched all of them, i believe it was around the time they talked about the v-day skins. never claimed it was the "best" port for info, buuuut a port none the less, better than nothing :))
  8. all i can say is...duh they have adressed this in streams before... sorry.
  9. those of you who want empress - its already been in the cashshop sooo can't get it again till its back!
  10. I dunno what the point of this really is, However im going to guess it is that someone thought they were better than you, and you want to prove them wrong. My thing is why bother letting it bother you THAT bad to make a post on it? Just play the game , have fun , Use what ever gear you have / want and just enjoy yourself :) Everyone has different opinions what you should/shouldn't have, what you should and shouldn't do etc... So, really just do you.
  11. o.o you had control f on
  12. yeah it is the pistachi dream outfit :)
  13. too much tattoo on the back in my opinion, wish the shoulder piece was on the arm, OR where is is but the lower back part GONE O. o
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