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  1. Here is the thing, i see a lot of people complaining, but not really giving any ideas, or solutions... It is rather sad, so if you aren't going to put an idea/solution that many others will side with you on, or that is realistic.... please just leave my god...
  2. What is a Lyrn? I am assuming you're talking about a Lyn...
  3. I am just going to call them Spirits... instead of "pets" lol
  4. Oh my gosh i'd LOVE a fan dancer or something, or polearm~ <3 But id be more hyped about a fan XD
  5. May I point out it is UNLIKELY gunner as , seems to be in this article. So id assume that by "has yet to appear in game" Could very well be NO NPC has the class, etc.. but that also would exclude archer as lycandi people have bows... hmmm the way it was written.. kinda opens a few doors.
  6. Coming from someone with two hello kitty tattoo's I want the hello kitty stuff, HOWEVER I doubt we will get it, and if we don't get it oh well I guess, only can hope for the best :D Needless to say if it DOES come out... I will be buying every costume :P
  7. Ooooo okay, I see it now. Was looking it up (played both versions) however I never looked at this costume as I didn't like it XD so... Now I see when they're side by side lol Oh well.
  8. As I do understand the fact that some people find these "expensive" a lot of f2p games have outfits that are anywhere from 10-20 dollars and that get character bound. A lot of games (older games) have the same price point as well. Now, pay to play games some times have micro transactions but the prices are much lower. Why? Because its PAY TO PLAY. While yes, lower costume prices would be awesome, I doubt that'll happen because so many games go with the 10-20 dollar price range (sometimes a bit more depending on the costume.) The only thing with costumes I don't agree with is the RNG b
  9. It only seems to come with just the 365 bundle, so if you were to purchase a bunch of small bundles over time, i don't think it'll come with it as it doesn't state that,
  10. Just saying (as someone who has now 4 years of premium) NO the outfits are NOT account bound (silver dragon)
  11. Would be nice if you could cycle through different idle stances.
  12. My character, based off myself (face wise)
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