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  1. Is the Fabric System a joke?

    Then they'd have to crack down on those mobile games too. Japan has an anti-gambling law for their games, NA however, digital casinos are pretty popular so a lawsuit may not be possible.
  2. Oh no, how dare a race of STRONK WOMEN dance in a suggestive way that makes them look slutty!? Heaven forbid that a woman can be strong and use sex appeal at the same time!
  3. Is the Fabric System a joke?

    They'll have to crack down on those casinos in vegas first. lol
  4. Is the Fabric System a joke?

    You can buy fabric off the market, you don't have to buy a costume and salvage it. and 10 aren't required for even the basic costume pouch, you're blowing this up way more than you should. F2P games are based on probability, you should know this by now. If you want something badly, then you'll work to get it like other people did, especially since there is more than 1 way to get something. The fact you're complaining about a RNG outfit pouch means you don't want it enough.
  5. Yes, because profanities and caps lock always gets the point across.
  6. Unidentified Crimson Legion in Sandstone Refuge

    It's not an npc is's a mask that hides the player's name (Unrivaled rank only)
  7. OR, they're using a hacked account of another player that may have quit due to queues/issues with the game.
  8. Soooooo.....anyone else bored already?

    Yeah if you're the kind of player that likes rooted animation locks and combat slower than Vindictus and BnS combined.
  9. Ignore list

    To add onto this list, could you do something about players with the character names "*cricket*" (In ANY variation of the word) y'know, put a filter on certain names that could be made? I don't understand how you guys could throw the TOS around the forums about racism/bigotry (anything really) and unleash the banhammer, but somehow this doesn't apply to ingame names and chat itself.
  10. Asia Server

    Because there isn't BnS TW/CN/KR/JP already.
  11. Camera Shake

    In settings go to graphics>>advanced settings>> Turn off Cinematic Camera.
  12. Barnivere's Works

  13. Barnivere's Works

    Commission Status: (OPEN) NOTE: DO NOT PM ME, I WILL IGNORE IT. USD Option: (All Servers/Players) For those who want to pay in USD They're starting at $20 (Just fill out the form and choose the $15-$20 Option) Silver and Gold Options: (Mushin Only) I will also do commissions for silver gold as well Please fill out the following form. Slot Status: (Open) NOTE: SLOTS ARE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS I'm only taking 5 people at a time. Once all slots are filled and transactions are made, the commission processes will begin, WIPs will be provided during this time to the commissioner. (If they choose the WIP option.) (The first 5 details to be changed will be free of charge, but any constant changes wanted will be $1 extra) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  14. Extremely offensive chat.

    People can say "*cricket*" on the forums and in chat, but can't say words that are harmless (lol filter fail). racism is a common thing on the internet sadly and on mushin, between cerulean and crimson (Neither are the lesser of 2 evils) I just wish I couldn't join a faction at all. You can cry first amendment all you want, but you're forgetting that NCSoft is a BUSINESS, and private property and whatever you say won't fly here, as it with that constitutional BS. The fact remains that just because it's allowed and given the tools to avoid it (despite being against the TOS and lolblocktool50people) doesn't mean it's okay. Then again, expecting maturity on the internet is like expecting world peace, it's not going to happen.