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  1. Nvidia FPS issue with BNS

    I have a similar issue with my FPS but only on Deserted Tomb, after a few minutes into the instance my fps drops to 5-8 FPS when in the other instances runs at 60-80. I try a Windows clean install and Nvidia 368.81 368.95 and the 372.54 (worst driver). U guys have this problem all the time or in determinate moments?
  2. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Atm the goldsellers break your chat limit and come back to see a massive spam on faction chat. Ncsoft can't learn the other experience with golsellers on your other games, for example Lineage 2. Is too sad the game experience.... this game have a bot infestation.
  3. Hi, today i try to play and get KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (dump_wmimmc.sys) at client startup, yesterday i play without any problem... any news/solution? Windows 10 x64 10586.29
  4. Today i have the same problem, i try to delete the GameGuard folder and file check, yesterday i play without any problems >.<
  5. Game Freezes at Character Selection

    I don't have this items on my mail (basic founder), and get freeze and client crash if touch any buttom.
  6. someone else having same problem ?

    Same error here, after many times the game start but crash a lot of times in character lobby :(
  7. Priority Que Question

    1h23m in queue...position 63 and 43min estimated time.. this is insane srsly
  8. Priority Que Question

    Queue simulator CBT1... 40min waiting and 162 min estimated time... nice founder pack.