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  1. I appreciate the sentiment, but what about us who bought a larger amount of keys in hopes of getting the outfit from the semi rare outfit rolls?
  2. Blade & Soul: Call of the Deep Item Change Preview

    @Liinxy can we get the option to switch from raven 9 - rift 9 with a cost pristine oil/void frags? Some classes (destro) benefit from going that path vs raven😓 and support wouldnt revert me
  3. 90g to mail gems between characters

    Can we atleast get discount on premium 10 mailing?
  4. ayyy lamo, nice photobucket
  5. new errors with new patch

    Didn't see any other posts, nor did i look that hard for them, but NOW with this "new and amazing" patch game guard swears i'm hacking or something. I've deleted GG, restarted computer, disabled Razer, did the "other" fixes. but yeah. no go. I've done a ticket the last time they had a patch and it didn't fix crap either.
  6. a lot of us are busy doing dungeons and stuff, getting ready for the 50 patch.