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  1. its actually fallen below 6 million, before they said they are no longer going to realease how many subs they have currently in game it was around 5 million, but in saying that, blizz isnt showing numbers now because speculation is its much lower than the 5 million they last showed, videos have been made about it as well as other posts.
  2. well in fact you guys were asking for 6 years
  3. again as soon as NA had the rights to the realease all the game press knew right away..why was this? cause they were all told so by NC west way before all the alpha/beta stuff came to light, again i dont believe it and even if it WERE true, just goes to show they need better marketing no? then going back to my previous statement, the more people know about it the more players will try it. if they want numbers to show we have support here then they need to put in more of an effort of actually showing the community the game is out. to me its lazy and lackluster, its like dipping a coffee cup in the ocean and saying there isnt any fish cause none was caught in the cup.. people wont look for something that hasnt been brought to light
  4. i find that hard to believe you didnt see any advertising since facebook, twitter and other social media was plastered with it fact is NCsoft need to pull their finger out and start showing the game in all the western countries besides the ones the game is hosted in i can say without a doubt that number you think is small will blow up our gaming community is not small by any stretch and people need to realize this, why do you think we always get pissed off? people need to look outside their own boarders.... NCsoft want us to show them numbers, how can you show numbers on a game thats unknown due to no exposure?? cant search for a game if you dont know its there right?
  5. considering that the game hasnt even been advertised here, 10k isnt that bad at all and i can bet you many many more have seen the petition but havent signed it due to the way its set up. so the number crunching you guys doing with out pure facts is just silly. ncs west need to release numbers by region, and that wouldnt be hard for them to do at all. then people can know whats fact and whats not.
  6. well thats racist as *cricket*. and if you have been reading, people here are saying OCE/SEA, and most the time they are singapore based servers anyways, we already know this. stop crapping on about the asian side bs...
  7. Australia Server Please

    There is one here.
  8. again you are forgetting that it isnt just australia and zew zealand, you americans need to learn this.
  9. though we have a higher rating for games now, so the so called censorship will be age restrictions only from what ive seen so far
  10. Petition! Please boost BSH HP pool!

    thats you and me, being able to do it, you are forgetting that new players are now playing, any harder and they will quit, then whats the point of a western release. i agree it should be harder, i only say it because ive done it before, new people havent, if it isnt broke then dont fix it.
  11. Petition! Please boost BSH HP pool!

    leave it as it is learn the fight beat the fight.
  12. like people have said, its not just australia or NZ its people from SEA
  13. are you from australia or any SEA area?
  14. play on an asian server and not know what players are saying, yup seems logical... because i would rather play in a game where i can communicate.