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  1. HQ bug bomb

    It's just as Arktic explained. When you KD Queen, to move her further from the approaching laser and she goes thru her attack rotation after getting up and moving, the Bug Bomb she throws at one of the center people does aggro one of them, but doesn't infest/follow them. The 'bomb' stays in the center and will kill anyone standing in the center up to the outer most ring of the center, not the person that got infected and got away from everyone. Even though everyone in my group doesn't need anything from VT anymore, we spent the time to figure out what the heck was going on. Any progression or alt raid isn't going to clear her or is going to struggle a lot, because you have to have people rotate in and out of center (and not be dead) and lose dps on her while building ap buff back up only to rinse and repeat if laser is getting too close and a KD is needed.
  2. The new 'simplified' combat macro is pretty bad, for SF. I would advise not using it at all. At the moment, Earth is stronger than Ice, but there is a skill patch we don't have yet, and that adjusts the damage modifiers down a bit. Once we get that update, they will be pretty much equal.
  3. How do we play Soul Fighter?

    Have you done the tutorial in F12? If not, I'd suggest doing that for both elements, since it lays out the basic stuff as far as skills & combos. You can also summon a tank helper so you can practice on bosses. There's a class update coming May 9, so best gear is possibly going to change very slightly. Go with Baleful Bracer stage 12 (Raven is the preferred next path), Draken necklace & belt and get Dragon bracelet. Don't bother with the ring or earring in that Draken set, since Skybreakspire (Raid) ring and earring are superior. MSP soulshields will hold you over until you can get the Skybreak (BT) set, but don't forget to infuse crit into your MSP set, you can craft or buy crit primers to do that. If you open your inventory, there's a gear path icon at the very bottom that shows the gear and paths with materials needed. Try to use that as much as you can. As far as badges and amulets, that depends on the element you decide to play and why I suggested F12. The preferred amulets are the ones you buy with Celestial basin peaches and Raven feathers. The badges depend on which element you're going to play and what play style you prefer, but some are pretty useless, even with the upcoming update, while others only shine when combined with another. Also, try for stage 6 soul minimum, it's where the buffs start to show up, for souls.
  4. Cannot find any info Asura Kingfist

    Those are the damage modifiers, not the skill modifiers, which I'm pretty sure the OP is wanting to know. Someone had brought something similar to this theory up, but it couldn't be agreed upon. There will be plenty of testing going on once the patch drops, and there are quite a few higher geared SF's, of both elements, who plan on testing in F12 to help pin down the changes to skills.
  5. Cannot find any info Asura Kingfist

    There really hasn't been any information on how much stronger it is, at least that I've seen, so I'll just throw out the cliff notes version of what people seem to think. Since normal Kingfist had it's elemental/ damage modifiers reduced, because of all the adjustments to skills cooldown/ resets, I'd speculate it's slightly stronger than our current version of Kingfist, if not the same ap modifier. All the changes to damage modifiers on gear points in this direction, but it's a wild guess on this. This applies to Glacial storm, also.
  6. Earth SF Storm Dragon + Invincible badge?

    If I got the weapon wrong, then my bad, but I watched the video multiple times again and the dps is closer to Stormdragon than Aransu. This video was also talked about and it was said that it's Stormdragon, and I can't find if someone had corrected what was said and said it was Aransu. This is the Earth build I was referring to (I know it's not the same person as in the video), and the only changes are the badges. I think the necklace is VT, but have been told it's the pve version we have. I haven't looked at the gear icon for the pve neck to see if it's the same. with Colossus badge with Ancestral
  7. Earth SF Storm Dragon + Invincible badge?

    I'm well aware of the cd reduction of Focus Chi in the KR test patch notes, and the weapon you quoted that they're using in the video is Stormdragon, not Aransu. While the cd reduction is ok on Focus Chi, we lost the 60% crit with Golden Dragon, 2 sec of Dragon fury (which going Ancestral would nullify), and some focus regen in the 3.07 KR test patch. What I'm trying to get at is that going the Stormdragon + Ancestral route is a viable route for those who 'can't' raid, if they can stomach all the runs of Deeps and Treasury they'll have to do to go that path. ( You're looking at close to 200 each, unless you have a group that will let you take all the mats needed.) But, Stormdragon/ Exhaulted is a dps loss compared to Raven, with our build, so they would be better off staying Raven 9 and focusing on soul and other accessories while we wait for videos, info and such to trickle out of KR.
  8. Earth SF Storm Dragon + Invincible badge?

    You are incorrect about weapon. They are using the Stormdragon non-raid path with Ancestral soul badge and VT 8 set. It will be a viable path for those who can't raid or unable to raid often, but it's not an optimal build path. There needs to be more testing after the changes to gear, soul shields, accessories are finalized and go live in KR, so the 'best' build is still not for certain. Also, they only have a BT earring and are using our new pve path ring and necklace. I can't remember what the gloves were, and I think the soul was the step before Cosmic.
  9. Why the heck is F2 bugged still?

    I always look at gear and stats (crit, crit dmg, elemental dmg) over AP, so F2 being broken is no issue for me, but most of F8 can't seem to wrap their heads around the concept. It has also brought out another layer of stupid in F8, also. I have an HM 14 FM at Dawnforge 6 (just needs an energy to go Raven 7) and no BT accessories (yet), I see an lfg (SSM, EL, IF) for Raven+, check their gear...HM 12, Raven 3/ 4, no BT accessories and stage 7/ 8 Soul...I should be fine. Not! I get kicked and quite often insulted before kicked. I know Dawnforge isn't nearly as good as Raven, but ever since F2 broke, it's been a pain to do DC on that character, and getting into a BT group for accessories, is easier said than done, with my work schedule.
  10. Raven reduction? Question

    They will most likely do a stream next week, so I'd hold off until then and see. I really doubt Raven weapons will see a reduction, and by the very small chance they do, it would more than likely be reduced Premium trans stones needed.
  11. The Emp stones were halved and there was a small reduction in the gold cost of upgrading each stage up to 6. I wrote down how much was needed pre-patch and compared to what needed post-patch, and the other materials are the same amount as pre-patch, unless I added wrong....which is possible.
  12. 'Bad' Players

    If you can get into NF and NS do it now before cap raise and watch a few youtube videos to get an idea of what to do or expect. Higher AP doesn't equal a more skillful player at all nor does it guarantee a faster run. I've been kicked from 1k+ ap groups for having 999 ap (with 10 points in defense), and I get into the habit of taking a screen shot of the names, in case I do get the boot, so I can F2 their names for stats. Nearly 98% of the time, my character has higher crit, crit damage and elemental damage and 99% of the time they have all HM points into attack. If I happen to not get kicked, most of the time there's no tank or the tank can't keep threat and one of them pulls hate. They have no clue what to do and the boss ends up jumping all over the place and we end up having to do all the mechanics anyway, and the chance is very high they botch the mechanics and die/ have a sliver of health left. The latest trend of asking for 1k ap to do ECHM, DTHM, NFHM and NSNM is pure stupidity, and it's only going to get worse with the ap increase we get with cap raise, and one of the new instances isn't going to be pug friendly for awhile, and It's going to make everything from Forge thru the new ones a pain for people doing Dawn/Rift path.
  13. mechanizer weapon box at celestial basin

    I had the same issue with my former FM Main. I ran 30+ messy Forges and never once got a weapon chest or saw a bangle. If you're lucky, you can find a group that's 950+ ap, but those are very few and most want 1k ap and Raven. I'd run it with my FM's clan, but I'm not in the 'in' crowd it seems so I gave up asking, or got ignored when they asked, and had to F8 every run. My clan-less Gunner and SF are sitting at Baleful waiting the proper Raven mat and to get enough Elysian orbs/crystals. The FM is now just a DC mule stuck at Dawnforge 5.
  14. NA is having the issue, and pretty sure it's a ddos of some sort.