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  1. 3 things wrong with Desolate Tomb.

    IMO... this dungeon is the beginning of the "Wildstar" effect. But all these "git gud, l2p" have fun guys just like the above game did with its dwindling "elite" crew of gamers.
  2. I think we all should thank Blizzard for this update more then NC. Timing much? :p
  3. 10k a month is not rich... p.s. close this trash thread
  4. Who'd fall for this?

    Why is there no in game GM message about this and other things as soon as you log on? Do the gm's even have any tools besides the ones that allowed them to make weapons (that we dont even have in our region yet) appear out of thin air?
  5. Talk is cheap, action speaks louder then words...
  6. has this game gotten better?still bots?

    Can you imagine freeways, neighborhoods ect with no police around at all? THAT is what this game is like, ZERO in game GM's as they have no tools for them and it does not seem like they are even trying to make any. The only time we saw the Korean devs was at the LAUNCH party in Santa Ana CA. They have been hiding behind their poor community managers who wish they could be gods in the game with proper tools to ban ect but have their hands tied by the arrogance of these Korean guys. It's a shame really. Stay away is my advice as that is what these devs are doing to us still loyal.
  7. Game IS ptw, but think w/e you want/must.
  8. They should add these 2 dungeons to the new Daily Challenge coming with 2.1 patch to help fill them back up again.
  9. You guys (NCS..moneygrab) can not even keep the pvp leader boards cleaned up in a daily fashion. You obviously have no control over this game (ncwest) and are nothing more then a mouthpiece who reads emails sent from the big ncsoft in korea, what a joke of a company ncwest has proven themselves to be with this game and it's handling. p.s. your weekly live streams are a joke, we can google/youtube all the content you are trying to show us with a experienced player unlike the one(s) showing it in the stream running thru full blast with their "uber" gm powers on. Enough is enough
  10. 3 Months In...

    It is also their job to stop forum spammers such as yourself Mr. Holy Glowlight. I dub the thee forum spam king. Now, go play the game you praise so much about and stop spamming the forums with your wannabe (I work at ncsoft) gibberish.
  11. Getting tired of this...What is the reason we have seen ZERO gm's in game EVER?
  12. If I ever got hacked and they did not restore my account to its FULL status, charge back time. Why do charge backs exists ncsoft? Because of stuff like this. peace
  13. NCSoft .... Please MORE OF THIS

    I found this video while waiting for BnS a while ago. The song got me too, thought i'd share.
  14. Bots in every channel more then I have seen yet late at night Misty Woods doing all the quests. This is PATHETIC. Can I have some bots to earn me gold too? I like the ideas above but will still be contacting a person in the know about consumer law as this cant be right in the USA. (I dont care what your TOS/EULA says we have rights)
  15. biggest fail i ever seen

    This is not what they advertised and we are being ripped off by NCSoft, I am sorry you have incompetent coders or w/e but that is NOT our problem it is yours. Every survey in beta I put in be ready for bots like over a 100 times and you (NCSoft) knew this was going to happen. Please community nc guys this is not at you but the higher ups at NC. The ones who hide behind you, we need to hear from them because this situation is dire. We as consumers have other options with this deafening silence about this issue and minimal action for a while now. One thing you could do is have active GM's in game every once in a while with all the $$$ you have made from some of us. They have them in other regions why not here? Sincerely, A PISSED OFF CUSTOMER