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  1. I went from True Pirate to True Breeze, I ended up with ONLY 1 gem socket. I had to re-open the other sockets. I opened it all the way to 5 sockets... it hurt so bad. I was going to open up the 6th gem socket, then saw that it needed 9 hammers (lmao), yeah.. ok, no.
  2. I don't know about it being that high of a requirement but, I just recently ran two 6 man lab. I don't check gears at all. Got through Bido just fine, I tanked the add, did the bombing and tanked the boss (yeah, wtf). So, I then glanced at their gears.. 250+ap, 300+ ap. Okay, fine.. on to the last boss. Team 1 dies so Raijin has no one dpsing. I'm tanking Fujin and he was already half down. Oh well, reset. Wiped again. People went offline - had to recruit and waited. Wiped cause Raijin's HP would be so high while mine is down. Ok, leave and requeue. Did the same thing for Bido (oh well). Now, on to the last boss finally got the Raijin team to at least have it closer to Fujin's health. They all die. So, now I'm tanking both with my cat. I asked the ONLY person on my team to go help Raijin. So, I am now soloing Fujin and Raijin has 4 people. Mine's almost down. ENRAGE. I have never seen it enrage. First time for everything. Can't kick the guy with 250ap, or the guy barely hitting 300 - 325ish. After 2 hours of waiting on people, giving them a chance and carrying them through Bido, I have yet to finish my daily because I carried them through Bido so when Fujin & Raijin came into play I can no longer do ALL and it falls apart. This group also has a person using Storm Siren weapon, literally. I always thought, how did they pass the gear check? Is there a gear check when queueing for cross server? And no, I am not in any guild, I prefer really to play solo. I am True Pirate/accessories + soul + Soul Shield from Lab so I don't mind helping people along during the runs. I also don't like to sit there and spam to ask for premade. But, oh em gee, going into Lab so you can get geared seems a little selfish to me. You can't jump 2 stages because you are at the 3rd stage and can't be assed to try to get your gear at least on the 2nd stage BEFORE trying to get the END GAME stage 1 gear. Get what I mean? You are using Profane to do Lab cause you want to get Lab gear but, why aren't you trying to get Siren first? Seem a little unbalanced that anyone has to carry anyone cause they don't want to farm or grind or do what it takes to have their gear up to the standard on which a Heroic Dungeon run could be accomplished at a reasonable pace.
  3. Why is our Mushin-8 twice as hard?!

    I am not judging. The person put their stats out there. I didn't nitpick him. All I said is that all I have ever done is snare and knock down on F7-F8. I don't use my cat to tank. I put those points into daze etc. So, how is it that being a summoner makes it so that if I comment on me being able to clear those floors that I am now judging? And if you think "summoners" dont need to try, then please put a video of you using your Summoner (as you must have one for you to speak so matter of factly) NOT trying.
  4. Why is our Mushin-8 twice as hard?!

    How? Aside from my cat having the ability to tank.. which I don't even utilize. I use her mainly to just knock down or daze Darkness. I mean every class has that.
  5. Why is our Mushin-8 twice as hard?!

    You mentioned you are BiS and have 450, still cant kill the Darkness? I cleared him with 447 ap. I don't know if it matters that I am a summoner but, I'm not doing anything special. Just like Junghado all you need to fight this boss is literally CC. Snare and knockdown or what have you. Now that I have the Moonwater Soul my AP is 457 and I killed Darkness with 1min left (that is with some mistakes). Junghado I can now clear with 3:22s left.
  6. Funny thing is, I've read so many threads on here about running 4man BSH so many times not to see a single book or costume - so when I see somebody say "to make money", it makes me laugh. If all you want is the skillbook and those are RNG RARE, then yes, it is painful. I had a run where the BM book dropped ALONG with the Noble of the Sea. I wouldn't have believed it myself had I not been in that party. I just previously bought a ton of stuff and my gold was only down 100g. Well, couldn't outbid the guy more so that it can at least be balanced for everyone that ran the group. The guy walked away with the book for 110g. Do you know how much that thing is being sold in our server? 350-420g. I'm not a BM but, he just made an astronomical profit and I think we got 36g, gg. Now, people will say "OMG but, you got 36g" so what? Ask in these forums how many runs people have made just for a chance to get the book. Some are so frustrated that I think they are about to quit. Imagine if after 100runs it finally drops, but, you just so happen not to have the money for it that time, or, say you bid the person to the last cent but, they outbid you with a silver - you better hope that you won't have to do another 100 runs to see it. I ran 4man Poh around 35 times when the outfit drop. I was a little stingy and didn't try to outbid the guy thinking I'll just farm for it. It didn't drop again til my 70th run. I kept track of how many runs I've made. Seventy runs into 4man Poh when people were still using Infernal weapons, sure I had Siren but, more than half of those 70 runs were with people that were "undergeared/normal geared" - which meant the run took 40mins at least (not to mention Admiral and that Chef tests any groups capabilities). So, in short. I know what you mean. Some people look at it as having a "fair" chance - just have money they say.. well the poor can also just stop being poor, those scrubs lol. If it weren't sooooo RNG based then, people would happily wave to the book and say, well my turn will come and I will have that money. Not, this is my 80th run.. I don't have the will to do this anymore. And before I get all the QQ. I have maxed gear, I have no problem with money or wanting the books (both mine or other classes for profit), I have the Noble of the Sea and all the costumes from Poh. I'm just stating what I am seeing as I do these dungeons. Nothing salty here.
  7. [Mushin's Tower] Please Address Junghado

    I guess I don't know what other classes have for snares or counters but, as a Summoner I've killed him with 2:18s left and that was with mistakes. When the snare ends I just have my counter ready (because he loves to dash with that sword crap and try to snare you into his combo lol) and it resets my CD on the snare and I just snare him again and DPS. If I have a *FML* moment I knock him down. And dps.
  8. [Summoner] Junghado 7F Build

    You really don't need all this fuss. Lunge the cat and put it on tank mode. Doom n Bloom, Flying Nettles, 1 + 2 (the usual). I usually have my 1 on snare because he won't go anywhere until that stuff ends then he will try to draw the sword to dash towards you. When the snare ends just have Shroud ready. He hits you it resets CD for the snare, Snare him again with 1. Then DPS him, if he got out of that then knock him down with your cat. Rinse and repeat. After he gets up from that knock down he will probably do that sword crap that drops red AOE. What ever, don't need to worry about that and just dps him. I have my BECKON specced ALL the way down to 3, it knocks Junghado back 10m and he stays there for a second or two (if you need to catch your breath but, I usually let my cat at him and pin him down) when you recall the cat (if you get pinned or if you have a OH SH*T moment). And again, Shroud is your friend, because after all that just put up your Shroud and he will tigger the Snare CD. Dps him. I have never had problem with him, not on my first try not on my now 30-40th run. My best time I still have 2:18s left and he was dead. Well, that was when I paid attention about timers cause faction chat was about about him going enraged.
  9. Trolls and 4man blackram supply chain

    Thing is, if you've ever done the 6man then you would kind of know that you need the "freeze" skill in order to save the group from the boss aoe. When going into a dungeon with a party I think people do and should at least have some thought of what they can contribute to the well being of the the group not just their dps. I have never been more impressed than when people do these things in a group, a destroyer that does that little cocoon thing for those people that are recovering chi, the assassin that pulls dead party members to safety etc etc. I know that a lot of people are "straight dps" but, everyone has SOMETHING that can contribute to having the run go smoother and faster. I'm speaking in general terms and in no way do I know if you have done 6man or whatever the situation maybe. I just know that when I see an FM in 4man I *assume* that they would freeze the group because otherwise as a Summoner I can save the group about 2 ticks and then evade the last one but, the FM's freeze would just be safer for everyone.
  10. Please remove the forced arena daily

    It's automatic. You can accept it and THEN abandon it and it will just go back automatically on your quest log.
  11. I got the costume after about 22 boxes? But, I also had like over 100 unsealing charms, moonwater transformation stone and 100+ soulstones (I bought a few extra boxes just cause I wanted to see the luck on soulstones lol). Now for RNG. I have ran 4man Poharan 63 times. SIXTY-THREE times. Pirate Princess costume only dropped once, and I was outbid when someone dropped 42-45gold on it. At this point, I thought I should've just gone as high as I can because right now at 63 effin runs, I could've made all that gold back and then some minus the stress. I don't know if I am running the 4man out of stubborness at this point or, just for principle alone but... I'm this close to giving up and just saying forget it, lol. I'm laughing on the outside and crying on the inside - especially when after 30-40 min run because you get a bad group you see that orange 4 on the loot table, you know there isn't a costume in there whatsoever. Bleh.
  12. Summoner cat HP

    Like Mick said above, you won't be able to get Housecat if you don't put points into Paw > Swoosh. That being said, I only have 29,778 hp because after upgrading the weapon to siren.. it dropped like 600 hp :( (that's for a diff story) anyway, my cat has 47,608 health. In fact, my HP dropped just a few houndred and my pet increased. Also, before my weap upgrade my cat only had 45k health. So... lol.
  13. OMG, hahaha. This is the funniest thing I've read thus far! I have literally spent.. what $300 now. I have no qualms with spending money on something that I want. Sure, ok, I was suckered in with some things here and there but, nonetheless, I got what I want. Now that I am max, True Profane 10 (cause aint nobody got time to buy those expensive Moonwater Transformation + 10 gold for breakthrough?!! LOL No thanks), I've come to a stand still. The 6-man Poharan doesn't offer me anything anymore - I have the complete set of Soul Shields albeit I could perfect the rolls but, I digress. The 4-man Poharan which I thought has at least a WAY BETTER chance of getting the outfit but, nope... also none of the other bosses in this dungeon drop anything worth having - literally blues lol So, I thought ok, maybe I'll do Blackwrym, nah, can't do that because ALL of the freaking Channels are always full. I've been 45 before launch and I've yet to freaking hit Blackwyrm - God, I wish I can switch server or something. PVP? Well, I read people ask for "Trade Kills" for faction daily - lmao - is this what NCSOFT intended? So, now I can't even access my Wardrobe so I can at least stay in one channel til I die so I can chance upon Blackwyrm. The outfits are freaking expensive even for someone like me that has no problem dropping cash but, THIS? Are you for real, hahaha. So, I get to BUY something that is CONSUMABLE so I can trade to MYSELF something that I ALREADY BOUGHT WITH REAL CASH? Awesome. Oh, and I do absolutely love having to block 50 bots only to have to release ALL of the names so I can again block the new ones because apparently, I don't have anything better to do with my time but, to police the freaking chat something that NCSOFT should be doing or whoever and whichever entity that is responsible for this game. I have played alot of games but, wow... congrats :3 I jumped ship before that wreck called Wildstar sunk to the bottom of the sea and now, I guess you guys just don't learn lol. Alright fanboys, I know I know *bye no ones gonna miss you* but, remember, go back to the Wildstar forums and read the exact same thing people say until people did leave and the fanboys were left to play with themselves. All of a sudden it became free to play and YET, it's now completely forgotten. Very hard to redeem yourself when you alienate your customers.
  14. Summoner op...

    Why the constant *hate* with Summoners anyway? I don't get it. In the hands of a good player ANY class will excel. Not saying HERE but, I've read countless crap from people just talking &^%$ about the Summoners and our cats. Well, is anyone saying anything about the Spin2Win Destroyers? Outside of PVP when my ass is in the dungeon, boy, are they happy to see my cat tanking, taking off the heat on those people that is getting their asses handed to them. They sure as hell appreciate it when my cat, resurrect them, or infuse them with Chi while I am still keeping the boss busy and throwing Petals on them so that they can recover Chi without getting 1 shotted. Or, they appreciated the hell out of my cat when the party wiped in Poharan and my cat was the only surviving thing standing and was tanking both dogs and her. They especially loved it too when I asked my pet to sacrifice itself and Mass Resurrect everyone to finish Poharan. Every single time Summoners take so much flack when in PVP for being *OP*, or, and I quote, "Summoners don't do anything but, stand in the back". Well, that is their game play/strategy and they are able to do it. NO one is saying, oh geesh why is Destroying spinning? We use what we have and you have to utilize it well. If you can't get to the Summoner because they have common sense - then by all rights that is YOUR fault. Summoners are in essence Support, damage dealt in poison and such.. if you want to take away everything from a Summoner, then what should we have? Not the damage of a BM or the Spin2Win of Destroyers. Not entirely my fault that my cat can take hits and can whoop ass.
  15. Remove the bid system.

    I don't know what to make of this bidding system, I mean, sure you "get" money supposedly but, in a very painful time consuming way. I have personally experienced having "upgraded" my weapon etc and was running low on funds. I thought well, may as well run Purple Poharan dungeon for the shields - forgot the name and too lazy to look it up. Well, each time that it dropped, I couldn't bid for &^%$. People were coming in bidding high which sounds absolutely nice (right?) Well, the problem is that gets divided into what, 5? So I'm walking away with maybe 10 silver.. per drop - lets say 4 drops worth that much so that is 40 silvers, whoopty-doo. If all the dailies are done and I've used that up for upgrading my stuff (I mean remember the breakthroughs and even to just sacrifice crap costs money 9 silver PER sacrifice and 1-2 gold + some copper for breakthroughs) then, I would have to run that dungeon like 3-4 times just to have mayyyyyyyybe enough to out bid anyone. Then I am now again, back to square one with no money 'cause to unseal those &^%$# needs 3 unsealing charms worth 30 silver and 60 copper. I would have to run it again 3-4 (guesstimating) times just to get a chance to outbid someone of yet another soul shield and so on and so forth until I can complete it. That is to say if every time that I have the money the right ones drop, if not then add that up to the run. The one way that I actually got 7 out of the 8 soul shields from Poharan was that, I didn't have the money to upgrade my weapon and I didn't want people e-peening on dungeons telling everyone that they need to "get better gears", so I just stayed inside E.Fleet Supply and killed every boss on every spawn. I spent 2 days doing that. I didn't party because then I would be back at square one with that freaking bidding if things drops so, I soloed it. I had RNG on my side because I got 3-4 off the bat. So when I finally did run the Heroic Poharan dungeon I only needed one and yet people were bidding like crazy. I actually got lucky and got the last piece with the reward. Having said all that, when I did have the cash to bid and then I saw someone who clearly needed it and was trying to bid me I just asked if they absolutely needed it and then I would bow out hoping to give them a break. My last run was like that. I haven't personally had gotten that kind of break though from people even the ones that clearly only wanted the shield to roll a better stat than the ones they already have. Oh well.