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  1. Blackram Narrows solo ?

    soloed blackram narrows at 22 whit kfm. biggest issue is adds on second form but else this boss mechanics are quite easy,
  2. New Partnership with Innova

    hmm i wonder few day ago forum lagg and this is connected somehow.
  3. New Partnership with Innova

    Let see and try find reason. NCsoft has intrest to sell blade and soul to large area and diffrent communitys. (allso earn as much profit as possible) Innova has intrest to earn as much profit out of blade and soul as possible. NCsoft West is in NA and EU servers are all so managed by NCsoft West from NA. NCsoft has intrest to expand market to Russia but they cannont do that themselves because Russia will not let company that is managed from north america to host enything in Russia. This leave NCsoft no choice to contact some publisher from Russia and because Innova is allredy partner for Aion it was ovious that it will be that company. Now in order to Innova to take up Blade and soul there was probably pushed By Innova that EU NA block russia and ex soviet countrys so they are forced to buy service from Innova. Because whit all stuff that has gone around Innova as publisher hes reputation like most of the publishers in russia is not that grate. So order to protect market that innova will pay ncsoft some share of profit. They force ncsoft to block ips or they wont take up contract. So what is end resolt. Eather ncsoft drop idea of having russia local server or they need to deal whit demands from innova. Ncsoft as a company see bigger profit from innova listence cost then actual loss of players in EU/NA that would not play eather server because of situation. As Estonian im glad that thsi time was not made mistake and bundeled Baltic states into russia service. its like giving half Berlin ip block because they were part of soviet union. (somthing BDO did). Long story short its conflict of intrest that Innova won in ip block demand.
  4. Arena issues

    well u can wait for 6v6 battleground that is gear based arena. Problem is in kr only way to be even near chance to win there is to have legendary weapon and ofc 5 friends whit legendary. so i think in end u will be happy whit balanced arena and relise how dumb gear based arena is.
  5. server is 100% sure in EU but there is somthing stressing it out or somthing is wrong whit configuration that some ppl experiance bad route after firewall. Allso laggspikes are probably over stressed link to NA that server need keep up.
  6. Lets see... I work on networking so i know few things about. When i first time connected to eu servers and saw that location in wtfast show austin texas i tought that login server is still in NA. Well that would not hurt because u hit login server only for authentication. This cause issue tho example wtfast auto server connection will connect you to na server because it think that u connected to na server. Second i noticed that our sandbox server is in na and even on old na ip this aswell would not be issue if game dont drop connection to na web server after timeout it gets. is not game server unless they run game on google webcash server. issues i think that can cause this latency issue. NA Public IP in EU. first using usa public ip in europe will cause issues whit bgp routing because it really depend how ISP will route this ip. If ISP get bgp update saying this ip is in NA it will send it to hes route to na. now next hop will know new routed bgp and route it to new location. this will cause unessesery route hops or even worst u will end up in NA before your traffic is routed back to frankfurt. Someone said earlyer that IP is only logical value and dont represent location thats true in way but other way its not. countrys have public ip subnets that is used in that country. if u use some other public ip in that country will cause issues in bgp routeing mentioned above. Workaround is using tunneling like wtfast to route traffic where it shuld go over tunnel this will help but it depend if point where tunnel ends hopefuly new route to right place is known. Mysterious ICMP block This show that there is some firewall on edge of data center that is EU server. In most cases its not so bad because who cares about pings and even it help to aboid most basic ddos. Problem is atm for finding issues in latency this become issue because we dont see info about hops bihind that firewall and all know untill that firewall most ppl have reasonable stable ping. Now question is does that firewall do something else whit game traffic then just block icmp. IF that firewall is some NG leyer 7 firewall it might do some inspection for malware traffic etc. each of this operation cause latency some big amount. Database. Someone tested that when u change profile picture in NA it will change in EU. This mean that EU server will be constantly updating database in NA sandbox server that can cause unnecessary network load. Overall it seems that when your character come back from cross server dungeon you will be having NA ping for around 30s because it eater fetch info from na or is re authenticating to na. It seems that u get spikes of lagg random moment when u authenticate to na server. Allso it seems that when u keep moveing and do alot of game traffic it actually become little less leggy what is reverse of usual. this mean that there are some stuff badly configured server side that looks more like web hosting server rather then real time operation server. FOR next CBT IMCP block removal from Firewall during CBT4 and CBT5 to get accurate data how traffic is routed so there can be bether file report Chage in Firewall rules that allow game traffic move whiteout big inspection. Wish for Launch. Like promised EU and NA are separate universes so i hope we have our own Sandbox server. Its unnecessary to have one in na for both regions specially when it don't work. Dont use some cloud hosting and get some real data center whit they own public ip in EU will solve most BGP nightmares u face atm. Intresting tought this odd google ip and our serveice remind us cloud server. Are u guys realy running realtime game server on google cloud. For me last known route is ncsoft-ic-306349-ffm-b11.c.telia.net what is telia sonera hop that has neibough whit NCSOFT-inc what happens after that is bihidn that bloody firewall and untill that firewall latency is stable even from 1500km awey. Sorry for bad english and wall of text i might add some lines when it pop in my head.
  7. When is the EU lag going to be fixed?

    when i get home from work i give u resource monitor view and explain what is what in that view allso show how make port ping that u need use for eu servers pinging. untill then learn to use this tool. http://www.softpedia.com/get/Network-Tools/Misc-Networking-Tools/Pping.shtml it help whit droped icmp. what is defence agenst some types of ddos so its no wonder serverfarm block it on its doorstep.
  8. Cannot reach EU servers

    try use port ping because eu server farm block icmp protocol witch mean u cant use traceroute or regular ping. port ping will ping service where game server is running bihind serverfarm firewall. overall i would say that in this traceroute your latency is around 80 on EU server.
  9. When is the EU lag going to be fixed?

    1) EU Login server is in NA so u will see na ping when u log in. When u connect to game server new connection opens whit actual ping to server when u go arena another connection is opened whit new ip that has diffrent ping. Last out sandbox for character profiles and warehouse/market sit in NA aswell so it load slow because of that and allso show up whit massive latency in resource monitor. 2) if u use some kind of ping booster like wtfast dont use auto connect because of login server location wtfast will use na server as its destenation server. and if u actualy connect game server u send your connection first into na and then it come back to eu. 3) Make sure u have no blockups in path to server example bad route in global. if case use wtfast to steer around that bad jump. thats shuld be it. even in damn turkey u shuld get atleast <100ms to eu server. if not u doing somthing wrong yourself.
  10. Game will have IP block ?

    i just hope they don't pull stunt like Black desert did that baltic states are part of Russia. then again whit unified market law in Europe union there will be issue for Black desert online.
  11. DirectX11//12 Upgrade

    dx upgrade is not so easy as it sounds. bns use dx9 because of unreal 3 engine pushed to its limits. in order to get dx 11 they need change engine to unreal 4 engine. and unreal 4.9 engine for dx 12 to change graphics engine is like lifting house up to replace foundation so its easier to rebuild house rather then rise house and hope it still is one piece after lifting.
  12. The "Blade and Soul Fanart" Thread

    Here is my fan fart. will be my profile picture when i fix few things on it.
  13. search Unreal engine 3 and read about it and u shuld understand.
  14. Bored during CBT? Lilith's challenge!

    i think u can allmost go up to 45 like this but u cant do tomb whit this rule set.
  15. Blade and Soul have spectator mode?

    i think there is spectator mode but its usable only for ncsoft when they cast tournaments.