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  1. Launcher does not start the game

    do this and it works death to Norton!
  2. bs won't launch game

    do this and it works death to Norton! quote Posted Today, 03:21 PM I had this issue, I fixed it by disabling Norton and reinstalling blade & soul. Before you reinstall, copy your NCSOFT folder to another directory so you don't have to download again. After reinstall is complete, copy your NCSOFT folder back to the intended directory and run the game. I think it might have been a registry issue but not sure. Edited by Azrael, Today, 03:26 PM.
  3. Game not launching

    do as Azrael says and it works Death to Norton!
  4. Game not launching

    i'll tri that and if it works i'll tell everyone who have same problem as I do there seems quite a lot of people with this problem after update
  5. bs won't launch game

    just asking does everyone here that have problem use Norton ?
  6. bs won't launch game

    omg I got same problem as well does anyone know why it's doing this right after update?
  7. Launcher does not start the game

    im having the same issue as well right after update ( 60mb worth ? ) it worked fine with alpha 1 test but now nothing happens after clicking play button. it doesn't appear to be stuck or no respond cause it says it's running on task manager..
  8. NC Soft launcher issues

    for me nothing happens after I click play button no dragon image or game guard nothing at all..
  9. I have pretty similar problem but after I put my pin and pass word and click play button nothing happens after that no gameguard pops up either.. very strange.. and it was right after small update *50mb* it did..