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  1. This is starting to remind me of my time in Aion. God the RMT spam was insane and it took them a long time to actually start to get a handle upon the problem. I fear it is only going to get worst in BnS. last night I watched a bot training running the same instance over and over again just farming their little bot hearts out.
  2. Just wait until you finally get in after 9 hours and then you crash during a cut scene and have to do it all over again!
  3. Remove the bid system.

    I do see coins popping up on my screen often after I kill a mob, they don't show up in the loot window but just an coin icon that appears on the screen. Now I am a premium member and it says that it "increases gold" but I would assume that the mod first has to drop something before it can be increased. I mean if you take 150% of zero you still get zero. Now I could could be wrong...
  4. 7 Days to delete a character!?

    Except level 15 isn't exactly "high level", you can make that is a few hours. There is no reason to have a pending delete period of more than 5 minutes. If the concern is about hacked accounts and character deletion, that is why you have server backups. A seven day wait period is beyond stupid.
  5. Remove the bid system.

    Then the smart thing would have been for both the previous bidders to stop and collect their share of the gold and have a good laugh next run when they buy it for a few silver. Sure they system can be gamed but it i can be gamed by BOTH sides, you just need to be willing to work it against those trying to troll you with it.
  6. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    You shouldn't have to remove them by hand. At least not if they use the same concept they had in Aion. There if someone was banned they were cleared from "block" lists automatically on their side.
  7. Free Transfers Needed.

    I would probably have moved to one of the new servers but as I already gave up characters upon Mushin to move to Jiwan, I am not going to once again delete my character to start over again. Not to mention apparently there would be a seven day "pending deletion" period I would have to wait through just to get my name back because I am over level 15... It would be nice to see the server transfer open again for the heavily populated servers at least until things start to balance out a bit more.
  8. Wait, so if a character is above level 15 it takes a week to delete them?!? Seriously, there is no reason a pending delete should take more than a few minutes. If the concern is someone's account might be hacked and this is a way to save their characters, that is what server backups are for. There is no reason for such a long delete process. And to be clear as a premium member, this should be the same for everyone regardless of their account status.
  9. After years of playing online MMOs I have learned one thing for sure. There will always be some group who feels that the time server maintenance is conducted disrupts their play time.
  10. Jiwan

    Wow, I was not aware of that. Like I mentioned my friends and I picked Jiwan quickly after Mushin melted down Friday night and so far it seems just like any other NA server we have played upon. None of us bothered bothered researching servers before had, we randomly selected Mushin over TS the day name reservations opened and picked Jiwan just as randomly later. Anyways, thanks for the info.
  11. I have been on Jiwan since the melt down of Mushin and I have not noticed any sizable BR presence in chat. Maybe it is the time zone difference but that is what, 3 hours ahead of EST? Now at the time I didn't know Jiwan was the "unofficial" BR server, I am sure they will offer up server transfers in the shop soon enough (if it is one thing NCSoft loves to make money off their cash shops) and if things get that bad people can leave. Now I will admit I played upon an 'unofficial" BR server for a while in Aion and it was not a pleasant experience but that is probably due to the language and cultural differences and less to do with the players themselves. So at least try and be respectful of one another.
  12. Funny that you mention Aion, because when I think back over all the MMOs I have played (and we are talking back to EQ) it was the worst one for hacking. Now I have no idea if Gameguard would have helped with it but after a couple of months it was clear the direction Aion was going. No animation, radar, flight, no clip it was just crazy the crap people got away with in Aion.
  13. pvp abuse

    The real issue isn't an immunity timer or having to swap out your faction clothing. It is that members of your own faction are working together with the enemy to farm kills upon their own faction.
  14. Only 2 character Slots? WTF?

    Two is a little low, even for a F2P game, but provided the purchase price for another slot isn't that high it really shouldn't be an issue. Look at buying the extra slots as a 1 time donation to a game you clear are enjoying enough that you need more characters.
  15. One of my RL friends is a non-premium player, me and another buddy are going to hook him up. We all wanted to play together but him being non-premium (and he just had a child so he is being responsible and trying to save money) makes that impossible (considering we are upon Jiwan).