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  1. So after rebooting - which fixed nothing - I uninstalled the NCsoft launcher. I downloaded a new copy and reinstalled. I then started B&S client and new updates were now available. Applied updates and now the B&S client is working correctly. B&S points to "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCWest\NCLauncher\NCLauncher.exe" /LauncherID:"NCWest" /CompanyID:"12" /GameID:"BnS_CBT" /LUpdateAddr:""
  2. Pops up dialog window: Update error file cannot be accessed E02024 DP_PEFP_RF_32_8 NCLAUNCHER.EXE Running as admin, tried running the application directly and it fails as it asks for the launcher to run it. Updated fine yesterday when the patch went up now it will not run at all.
  3. Suggestion: DPS meter please!

    MAX DPS creates singular focus, dps at the sacrifice of all else. A solo mindset in a game that has group mechanics and roles is an unhealthy community choice. If the designers wanted to attract the MAX DPS mindset then they would have remade Quake and be done with it. Bang, bang now go check your individual score on the game website.
  4. Evolving a wepon...

    Hi, it was confusing for me as well. Initially you need weapons up upgrade it, knives, gloves anything will do and I think they do not need to be usealed as there is no extra bonus? Anyway, so once you hit cap for that range when you shift click it, it will show what item is needed to upgrade it to the new tier. If you tool tip the item it will usually tell you where it drops, purple items are not tradable so you will need to gather it. Once you have the item and the crafting reagent needed you can then evolve it to the new weapon tier. Later levels you will need to type in a prompt for safety as you upgrade, though in the UI it mentions this can be disabled. The above steps apply to other evolve equipment as well. I hope this helps, please have fun during the beta B)
  5. PSA to NCsoft about BOT/hackers

    If that is true surely they would respond swiftly and wipe out the botting right?
  6. PSA to NCsoft about BOT/hackers

    The food supply has been poisoned. Suggested solution: Don't support those bots. Stop eating food! - this is a false solution of course and a convenient counter with nothing to back it up. The devs can quickly spot the bots, the problem is there is zero immediate financial incentive for them to do anything about it. Sure they will have a dwindling player base but they will refuse to associate it with quality of life in the game world and instead say it is due to MMO market competition. Time to make a new game IP, problem solved. If there was some way we could get the company to have their profits clearly affected then we would get a response to bots.
  7. Hi, is the launcher prompting to run as admin? Blade & Soul CBT icon properties Target "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCWest\NCLauncher\NCLauncher.exe" /LauncherID:"NCWest" /CompanyID:"12" /GameID:"BnS_CBT" /LUpdateAddr:"" Start in "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCWest\NCLauncher"
  8. It then opens a browser and goes to The launcher is in Korean and I have no idea what the software questions are. Is there an installer in English that I can read what it is asking? Ok this time when I tried the installer file again it prompted to go to This one works thank you : )