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  1. I have been wanting Poharan pet for some time, was not able to attend the event it was possible to get, and saw it last time in CS pet pouches like 1 or so ago. Nobody is selling it in AH atm (and if would the price would be quite hefty one i suppose). When is it possible to obtain again, by normal means than randomly waiting someone to put in AH? Also annual outfits like winter event outfits, holiday soiree and so, would be nice to see those in regular rotation in CS than always wait one year, for personal reasons been missing 2 winter events already -__- )
  2. This topic is too much influenced by lesser races (lyns! jins!) so gotta show some Go! Go! Gon!
  3. Totaly agree, i would like to have bigger slider scale on character creation, especially for gon boobs.. (♥ω♥*)
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