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  1. I might be sitting on endgame stuff, but I really missed how it works in old times. I really missed times, when every day you saw progress in getting weapons for breakthrough, upgrade it it stage 5, used on main weapon, get another, upgrading it too. It was alot of work, but in lots of small steps - it give you feeling of progress in everything you have been doing.
  2. Strongest? I barely noticed different after upgrading it to stage 10. Its totally worst cost-efficient item in game.
  3. Problem is, that good "spinner" wont stand still in front of you where your KD can reach but will be constantly changing places.
  4. Yesterday on clan BG friend had 4 crash or something. We stop counting. Good is on clan BG there is possibility to join again. And unfortunately he is not only person to has this problem in our clan.
  5. Its not that. They just want to farm blood without worrying about main clan ranking. Imo, best solution would be that you are bound after first clan bg and even if you change clan you cant participate with other clan till next maintance. Something like BT raid where you can be in any alliance but can enter BT only with one alliance.
  6. For most of dungs I just LFP. Lots of ppl with good gear do this for Necro, Asura, Gloom or even Masts (if they are too lazy to solo it). Normal mode of DT, EC and Foundry should be doable by LFP too. Atm its not possibile to not do Yeti and Lair even with worst party - fresh ppl just after stryline might has comparatively good AP and other stats. Problem is that AP alone is nothing and surpriselingly lots of ppl don't know mechnic. This was most noticeable after event with dmg buff on dungeons - when it ends horror starts.
  7. I would love to see those 2,5m tall agile gons doing swift movements with tiny pistols. It would be nearly as epic as 2,5m tall male gons waving staff and shouting "ali!"
  8. First 70 keys and ZERO crits. Next 50 and 1 crit. When I was opening those 120 keys there was only one crit on trove chatbox...
  9. No, it is not. You can't agree for something that is illegal. You can't buy killing some1 even if he agree. Same is with online companies. Even Blizzard had to act according to local law and change various of things.
  10. I think that ppl with good gear should be reworded somehow. Otherwise what's the point in having good gear. Thats why special pouche have guarantee special box. But normal player should not be punished. At last normal pouche should have 50% chance to drop special box.
  11. Whats the point of it? If You want to buy one just grab some hongmon coins and You are done. If You want to sell one just focus on selling nc coins or other itmes.
  12. I would kill for "cancel" button. Yesterday we were forced to wait 20 minutes for friend who want to join our NS run that was in progress cos he stuck in some fresh LFP party with *** hm 9 leader who just said *cricket* you, I wan't cancel" and kept few ppl in lfp forever.
  13. I think that most of this time is due to exp charm issue and exp rollback.
  14. Do You really want to waste 3 on buff? Imo it's way too important iframe to use it in rotation and not when needed. As tank in Sanctum I can't immagine not to have 3 as iframe at hand.
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