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  1. Keep up the complaining

    I just gave up and stopped playing. Hopefully, they change things and if not, hopefully, something I feel is better comes along.
  2. My Acc was hacked some 15 min ago.GM help

    Gawd. Two-step verification is exta protection against anyone trying to get into your account.... The main purpose of what I wrote was that they don't have to do anything wrong like buying gold or using a shady program to get ahead. I never said it wasn't OPs fault and I called myself naive because I was just getting into computers and gaming at the time. Reread what I wrote. (Didn't mean to quote the first person. So I'm going to delete that.)
  3. Its still worth to play ?

    LOL GameGuard is a failure. It only detects certain programs that send a red flag.
  4. My Acc was hacked some 15 min ago.GM help

    Why do you think most games have two or three step verifications? If you don't use it, then that's on you. A person doesn't have to do or attempt to do anything wrong to get their account hacked. The only stupid thing they could have possibly done is not protecting their computers. I've gotten my gaming account hacked before in the past and couldn't find out how because I was naive. Protect yourself. If your email has a verification system, use it.
  5. Yelled at FOR tanking!?

    How? You're going to use some sort of spell? Or do something silly and tell me about your experiences?
  6. Yelled at FOR tanking!?

    LOL that's basically what randoms do when you enter a random dungeon. You can't expect teamwork. I've tried and gave up. Everyone will just do what they want.
  7. Yelled at FOR tanking!?

    Just attack the boss~! Who cares who tanks. If someone doesn't want aggro they would stop attacking until it goes on someone else or they die.
  8. Even if he spammed it, doesn't mean he deserves a perma ban for it. xD A ban and then a warning will do just fine. They need to look at the logs to figure out what's going on first. They just banned him and now he has to prove he wasn't selling or buying Gold. Can't get SS of the past. >_<
  9. I actually really hate that flame wall. But maybe there can be like a miniboss check? If you haven't touched any of the minibosses you can't loot? Or the firewall is only at the entrance of the dungeon. If you aren't pass that firewall you can't loot. So anyone who dies must not press 4 if they want to loot at the end. Or they can place portals in the main bosses room like they do in the bigger dungeons. If you aren't in that portal you can't loot. Idk I'm just throwing around ideas. I just really hate the kick vote system. xD
  10. Am i to picky?

    I thought I was the only one to feel this way about the Yun. I've been trying so hard to make a uniquely beautiful Yun. All the decent looking Yun all look the same. They have this weird shape lips that I can't get pass for some reason. On my 10th deletion and starting over again soon.
  11. No legitimate case against it? Someone already mentioned the many abuses of it. Either you never played a game with vote kick or you were one of those jerks who kicked because someone with less than Ultimate gear slowed you down. There are plenty of cases where people got kicked because of stupid childish reasons. I got kicked from a party in FF14 because I gave the tank advice. The other members might have been his friends and they voted to kick me. I got kicked for lagging, I got kicked for going to open the door after I said "brb door", I got kicked for getting disconnected from game. So I will tell you what people told me when all this was going on. Run dungeons with friends or guild and your problems will be solved. I only joined random Dungeons on if I had to. Only solution I see is the 5% hp solution. If you don't deal damage, you don't get anything.
  12. I Don't Want To Fight In This !!

    One of the many main things I look for in an mmo is it's costumes and character creation. I love the many costumes here but I like the red and blue faction outfits. I wouldn't let my character wear it all day but I like the fact each faction has it's own uniforms. I don't want this to change. It's sort of brings something real here.
  13. Any word about weapon skins?

    This isn't true. This is preventing me from buying the one I want. And skins are $10+ each. Not going to keep buying them just to change the look. Like everyone said, I'd just use the ones I can get free.
  14. My first MMO was in 2008-09, I forget, and I started playing PWI. And that only happened because I was reading ALOT of manga at the time and there was ad for it. I didn't play WoW because I thought paying for a sub wasn't worth it. I still have yet to try it. I might still one day but I keep hearing how it's not like it use to be. I will admit that other people opinions have driven me away from trying it. >_<
  15. Forced to PVP

    But at some point you will finish. It's not forced upon you everyday. Once you complete the story and the Windwalking skills you are done. PvErs have to PvP daily to upgrade their weapon or they are forced to slowly generate income to buy of the market.