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  1. Yes current presets work on the new engine! When I last logged into my KR account I tried all my character presets and the worked fine.
  2. Back in April I think it was! we got a patch known to most as the Awakening patch, it basically revamped all the classes, awakening done away with the element system aka Wind and Fire for KFM and instead added 2 specializations per class with a 3rd spec slowly being released for all classes overtime (only KFM and BM have 3rd specs in our region currently.) Flying kick spec is basically the closest thing you can get to Wind element and Dragon Fist being Fire element, there's no way to play the classes how they were pre awakening.
  3. Wouldn't surprise me if Yura's hair ends up in a RNG box
  4. Cloud tokens are the new event currency.
  5. I've been doing event daily on 6 characters not spent any coin on the bundles from store and just got 2 gems yesterday. I'm close to getting a 3rd on my Des, it's all rng based whether you get the crit chance of 10 chocolates.
  6. Why not just transfer your character to a different server with the new server transfer system http://www.bladeandsoul.com/uk/news/character-transfers-available/
  7. We'll get this change when we get level 55 cap.
  8. Just like the patch notes state they are indeed returned when removing or replacing the skin. This was one of the better changes in the patch, now I can switch up my skins to go with my costume FeelsGoodMan.
  9. When I first upgraded to leg I was lucky enough to get 5 slots, I'm now at stage 4 Baleful but haven't been lucky enough to roll the last slot.
  10. This^ When ever I buy NCoin for new costumes I have to re log to get my premium level back it's annoying.
  11. I just like the wig on my Jin not really a fan of the costume itself.
  12. Were not officially meant to get x64 client until February, so I suspect you will have to do with the shortcut for the time being. I wouldn't be surprised if you run into bugs etc though, apparently it's still being tested hence why were not meant to have it until Feb.
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