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  1. There are outfits in the wardrobe that aren't in the game yet. As far as I know Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse drop from spiral labyrinth which is a dungeon that has not been released yet.
  2. A lot of the outfits that were in the beta seem to be missing from the store and/or the wardrobe. Any word on when, if and how they will be available? Also will outfits that used to be in the store, but are now only in the wardrobe such as "Best Friend" be available in the store any time soon?
  3. censorship in BnS

    No outfits were censored. Underwear was changed to make character customization easier.
  4. The chance to get 1 or 2 is greater than the chance to get other rolls yes.
  5. Open Discussion with English Localization

    Here's a suggestion. Stop writing and making changes to the story. Just give us the exact same story the game has in KR. We don't care if you're offended by other cultures. Either do your job properly or not at all.
  6. I don't have an issue with the speed of leveling, my only problem is that mobs die too fast for me to finish a combo.
  7. 1. Actually it is a work of art. The fact that it is being moneytized doesn't make it not art. 2. Then the issue lies with the player and not the story. This is a M-rated game not a daycare center, if you take anything bad that happens to your character as a personal insult you probably shouldn't be playing this game and instead get help for your mental illness. 3. As you said yourself it's not something that's awful or needs changing. You meet a tribe that values strength above all else and views you as weak because of your sex. You then prove yourself and earn their respect. I would argue that the story empowores women. Also I said core fans not most players. The way I see it the community can be divided into three groups. The core fans who want the game to be how it was intended by the original developers, the majority who don't really care about the game enough to even know about the changes and the SJWs who care more about their ideology and their feelings than the game.
  8. 1. In this case the changes weren't made by the writers who created the culture. 2. Is that really a bad thing? The story should have ups and downs for your charcter in order to make it more compelling and believable. 3. And this is related to BnS how? Their "compromise" seems to have pissed off their core fans. The writting team should be fired. They not only butchered parts of the story, but even when they stuck to the original they made the dialogue nonsensical and cringeworthy. I would not be surprised if their hiring was the result of quotas.
  9. So men find you attractive and feel the need to say it to you? A-holes! You know that there are equal pay laws don't? If your employer is violating those laws, report them. You would likely get a generous settlement out of it.
  10. I expected costumes to be more expensive than usual, considering that the f2p model isn't p2w, but this is a bit much. I'd say 10-15$ per outfit would be a reasonably high price considering the outfits are character bound. The pricing of the outfits also seems quite random, maybe it's me but I don't see why a school uniform is worth 20$. And lets not forget about the most outrageous pricing of 25$ for a single outfit, it's nice that it is drasticly different for each race and sex, but considering it is character bound you are paying 25$ for only one of those variations. With the current pricing I can see a lot of players not wanting to spend money on the more expensive costumes and instead opting to buy them with hongmen coin. I suspect that if you reduce the price the increase in sales would end up making you more money.