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  1. I have just ONE thing to say: Melee classes suffers and struggles hard time. Leveling my Warlock to 50 so I can farm these world events. Absolutely pathetic and terrible made these events.
  2. Why eu is behind 20 years of korean servers

    I have a thought... If they released FULL content on us you'd still complain that 800+atk power is impossible to reach. It's just a thought.
  3. Give us unlimited stamina to run.

    Being honest with you... Leveled my character from 45 to 50 today, made about 48g only with the dailies. edit: sorry, 38g. 10g I already had.
  4. Give us unlimited stamina to run.

    I know you don't care, but don't try to silence people who cares about it. You're too proud of yourself and pretentious that you won't admit you are wrong, because you didn't contributed with anything here. But you are right, there's more important things to deal with, your failure is to not look at the big picture. This was my last message for you, hope you have fun in-game.
  5. Give us unlimited stamina to run.

    And you failed to understand what I wanna reach with my suggestion. You fail to see the benefits behind my suggestion, to all the players, to yourself. You don't see how cheap your suggestion is. Instead, you come here with your loud bossy voice to tell me I know nothing and should take your cheap lazy suggestion. You tell me to back off because there's "more important things to worry about", even with my elaborated argument about something that would improve everyone else gameplay. But you think your opinion is the one that values more, I say this because of your laziness on elaborating a simple argument.
  6. Give us unlimited stamina to run.

    Thanks once more for the clarification about the Jar that we all already know. Your elaborating is that simple, run for 5 more seconds. Again Taemek, you failed at elaborating and trolling.
  7. Give us unlimited stamina to run.

    No, this is not elaborating. Sadly Taemek, you are failing at trolling.
  8. Give us unlimited stamina to run.

    Please, can you elaborate?
  9. Give us unlimited stamina to run.

    When you press SHIFT and start running, the stamina bar decreases limiting the amount of space you can run.. In GuildWars 2 there's no mounts either, but you can increase your running speed permanently buffing yourself, works perfectly and no ones complains. Mounts? Well, idc about mounts, but mounts has a flat speed that would be the same as our SHIFT button, but mounts don't have a stamina bar but WHY SHOULD WE? "but other regions..." who cares about other regions? Who cares about kr, cn, tw? This wouldn't impact the e-sports that is 100% arena. "oh but world pvp.." it's simple, If you are using faction outfit you have limited stamina. If you are NOT using faction outfit you have unlimited stamina, any cons on this? Facing HUGE places like silverfrost and having to wait a lot of time because you ran out of stamina is just terrible gameplay experience.. Remembers me Battlefield 2 when you could run only for a limited time, then they learned and the next games all had no stamina bar, removing that annoyance. The stamina bar is JUST incovenience. "oh but I spent 40g to craft the Purification Jar", well, sometimes the good things comes late. If you buy an iPhone today for $700 and the same store lower the prices after to $620, I'm sorry but you lost $80 and has to deal with it, it's bad I KNOW.
  10. So you're ok with this... You are saying that people wanting a better gameplay are all crying? How ignorant and selfish can you be?
  11. New to Blade Dancer, need advice.

    Thanks for the replies, it's helping me a lot.
  12. eh... Didn't know the middle east had gaming players. Russia has an official server. Who REALLY needs a server is South America and Oceania, those play with 200ms minimum.
  13. Is there any explanation on why we're the only class that can't ani cancel while moving? This is huge to me, feel so much different when I play other classes ani-canceling and moving. Does anyone knows why?
  14. "This Game is P2W smh"

    Tell me a SINGLE item that you can buy from the NCoin Shop, that is IMPOSSIBLE to acquire in-game to make you have more stats than other players. There's none, uh? So if you pay real money what happens? You'll have 460atk power. If someone DO NOT spend real money what happens? They'll have 460atk power. You'll have it in 1 week. They'll have it in 3 weeks. Congratulations, you are 2 weeks ahead of them, AT THE END BOTH WILL HAVE THE SAME STATS. See why this is NOT p2w????????????????
  15. Hi, i'm loving the class and I mainly PVE. Currently level 26 and I tested the ani-cancel with Flicker+lightning flash, it's good, but as I see the eletric buff only lasts 10sec, how do I refresh it? Only C can give me that buff? As far as I see only 2 skills puts me in draw stance, C and V(specced). Is there other skill that allows me to switch frequently? The main DPS so far is Sunder + Rolling Typhoon and Flicker + Lightning Flash, is that right?