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  1. We neither need wings or mounts; the in game dynamics account for both of these already (sprint, gliding). Housing is pointless unless it's guild housing, that would be great (a mix between arche age and GW2's versions). Pets would be a fantastic idea; something very similar to Aion would be ideal. From alert pets when in open world PvP, to loot, carry, and vanity pets. Aion also have pets where if you feed them they'll produce items for you e.g. healing pots, gems, even xp boosts similar to hongmoon soups. I think of the four options, pets stand out as being both pract
  2. @Meliran I absolutely loved your Asmo fast leveling guide. I got my Legion newbies to use it (BG <Gamers Hell> and <Access Denied>). Will definitely be using this. Thanks for the effort!
  3. Thanks for the infor re changing the cat's appearance (actually didn't know this was available to us), but I was referring to your Lyn ^^;
  4. Ooo... Could you share this with us? I'd LOVE to tweak this a little!
  5. A few days ago their support for B&S was non existent; could only get it via beta release (4.0.5). Seems they've fixed the issue and it's now available again via the stable 3.5.9 release.
  6. I was using WTFast up until the issues started. Brisbane, Optus cable, and getting 250ms on average.
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