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  1. Cuddly Artwork

  2. My GMV - Jinsoyun to ash :).

    -Slowly hides her renewed subscription to FF-XIV- >.>;;;
  3. My GMV - Jinsoyun to ash :).

    Red - Let it Burn In case anyone was wondering like i was
  4. Blade and Soul Music Video - [On my Way]

    That moment when you realized you posted in the wrong thread oAo;;; But this video was really cute~!
  5. Sabie Art Shop

    Female only? or do you do males? and do you do characters outside of BnS? I honestly dont feel like requesting artwork of my BnS character with the change in the profile picture
  6. Photogenic Characters

  7. Draw your Character (General Fanart Thread)

    There are some really god artist that use MSPaint and a laptoptrack/mouse they can try looking for tutorials on DA as well as advice on cheap tablets
  8. Costume Ideal for the Future!!!

    I'm not a fan of any of the ideals just because they are all (except one) from other video games and there's a reason we dont have any of the hello kitty Blade and Soul outfits in our version yet You're better off designing an idea based around them and submitting it to the next outfit contest we have As for the other we will be getting them all eventually NC soft just has to rotate through them we're really behind on costumes that's why we get new ones every 2 weeks and those rotated are a mixture of what just came out + what was/is most in demand As for the video those might just be for the Girl Gen. promotion and no telling if we will get those because they might just be simple mods they design just for the video maybe if they are requested enough?
  9. Boo’s Art Shop [Closed]

    FORM IGN: Pawp Server: Poharan Commission type: Option B
  10. Cuddly Artwork

    Profile Picture I did for Nekochan Hopefully they'll fix the profiles so you can use it =A=;;
  11. Zel draw stuff

    Sure I'm in a Poh 6 man cross server but when im out i'll message you
  12. Zel draw stuff

    Of course everyday is fun with Pawp
  13. Zel draw stuff

    I'm ok with this!! Sign pawp up for the next BnS bachelor series.
  14. Zel draw stuff

    So what I'm hearing is i have one less competition and better odds because I am on Poh server? //WINKS
  15. Character beauty contest for fun

    oAo I want more SS plz