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  1. Unannounced game changes.

    You can have 60k beans and BP now (up from 20k/30k).
  2. We usually get all changes of the second latest patch from Korea lately. But often we get a few changes from the latest patch as well. Last time we got the Soulburn cooldown reduction in advance, this time I have seen some of the latest changes for Forcemaster. I guess this happens when either the korean devs feel a particular change should be applied as soon as possible or when NC west feels players have complained a lot about a specific buff/nerf of a class.
  3. Update 26.10.2016

    Keine Ahnung wie es auf anderen Servern ist, aber meine Erfahrung sagt, dass bisher unter der Woche SSP 2 Channel hat wovon immer einer in Mining Phase ist und der andere ohne Event. Und wenn man nicht sofort nach Grindtooth den Channel wechselt, kommt man nicht mehr rüber weils voll ist. Genaugenommen übervoll, da Partymitglieder den Channel begrenzt noch wechseln können wenn das normale Limit erreicht wurde. In einem vollen Channel hast natürlich auch wenig Chancen ne Kiste abzubekommen. Wenns am Wochenende 3 Channel gibt und Mining parallel läuft, wird der zusätzliche Channel weniger voll und die Aussichten auf Loot sind viel größer. Die Änderung kann nun durchaus zu einem der folgenden Effekten führen: Weniger high level/gear Spieler machen SSP, da es sich weniger lohnt -> mehr Möglichkeiten für schwächere Spieler (insbesondere Nahkämpfer, da die Nahkampfangriffe der mobs generft werden). Mehr Spieler machen SSP zur Hauptzeit da MS teurer werden und Nahkämpfer bessere Chancen haben -> da bisher schon ein Channel übervoll wird (am Wochenende fast 2) würden dadurch mehr Channel aufgehn und die Spieler könnten sich besser auf verschiedene Mining Events verteilen. Durch die fixe Zeit in der sich SSP lohnt, könnte die schwächere Fraktion leichter genug Leute zusammenbekommen um auch mal einen Channel zu übernehmen. Bisher war SSP immer gesättigt mit den Spielern die da 24/7 farmen. Voller kanns also nicht werden. Somit können auch die Chancen auf Kisten nicht sinken. Entweder bleibt es gleich oder es wird besser. Schlechter wird es nur für die 24/7 farmer, die jetzt nur noch 12/2 farmen können und für Leute die z.B. am Wochenende arbeiten müssen. Die Änderung behebt zwar die generellen Probleme von SSP nicht wirklich und ich mach mir keine allzu großen Hoffnungen aber ich sehe trotzdem eine Chance in dem Patch. Zumindest könnte es die Zeit bis wir endlich Etherial Battlegrounds bekommen überbrücken. Wobei eine interessante Frage ist, ob unter der Woche weiterhin Schlüssel droppen werden. Und was 6v6 Matchmaking angeht: wenn wenig Leute spielen, werden die Wenigen auch bei großem Rangunterschied halt zusammengeworfen. Während dem Event waren die Teams vom Rang her zumindest relativ ausgeglichen. 4 Gold 2 Silber gegen 2 Gold 4 Silber war das unausgewogenste was ich gesehen hab. Mit dem neuen PvP gear und der erhöhten MS Belohnung aus 6v6 könne die Anzahl Spieler dort wieder steigen und das Machmaking wird besser. In beiden Fällen warte ich einfach mal ab wie sich der Patch in 2 Wochen ausgewirkt hat. ich vermute aber, dass MS preise nicht extrem ansteigen, da die wenigen Spieler, die SSP farmen (ein Channel, also vielleicht 50) sicher nicht die mengen an MS bekommen wie die, die Naksun farmen.
  4. Wenns um Nützlichkeit und Ersparnis geht und weniger um Gewinn: Pötte - Material für Verwandlungssteine (braucht Rezepte) und Entsiegelungstalismane Bagua - zum leichteren Aufwerten der Eigenen und für Verwandlungssteine Schmied - für Reparaturhämmer Erdseher - für Entsiegelungstalimane und Rückkehr Auf die Weise kann man nebenher viele nützliche Verbrauchsgüter sehr günstig herstellen und muss die nicht farmen oder teuer einkaufen. Der absolute Gewinn ist dabei nicht so hoch, aber man kann so sein gold für andere Dinge sparen.
  5. It's the other way around - frost armor for up to 5 and sheath the last 3. This will allow the party to iframe the jump after the stomps. A little lag will mess this up though and 5 stomps in Frost Armor needs good timing. Better get Yeti down to 5 or 6 stomps if you want the FM to save. Also unless your party is low dps, the FM can't pull that off twice in a row unless you have a WL to reset cd. As FM I usually try to get grabbed in the first two heat phases and spam Q or E while I stay on the gorund. If ppl want to get the heat buff they can run over. If not, the moment knockdown ends my iframe triggers so I don't get hit by Yeti's jump. Then I turn around and stun it. Even if someone did not get the heat buff from me or Yeti, he will just be frozen after the jump so we loose some dps but nobody dies. For high level/AP players I usually assume they have done the boss a few times and even if they don't know the mechanics well, they usually know what not to do... If I'm with a low level/AP group I usually ask if everyone knows what to do if there is something to really mess up like Yeti and Gloomdross. While some ppl don't tell that they have no idea, often at least someone asks. If nobody asks, I give 2 or 3 basic rules if we wipe on the first try. From my experience most players won't be able and willing to follow a full mechanics breakdown - reading or watching guides often does not help as well as ppl tend to forget some parts. If you want them to do something specific, make it 2 or 3 simple rules like "when boss does X (don't) do Y".
  6. Returning lvl 45, what to do?

    Actually you can use the weapon you get from the story quest until you have upgraded your weapon to Profane. If you do the story in Silverfrost you will get a few gold which will then allow you to upgrade to at least Oathbreaker weapon easily. For necklace and bracelet you can also use the ones you get from the story quest until you get to a decent upgrade. If you can enter Labyrinth, do a few runs for the Soulshield. Else use Bloodshade/Supply/Moonwater Hero. Profane is ok for the story but you will need something better to start running lvl 50 dungeons. You will have to do at least some of the lvl45 dungeons eventually to get accessories for upgrades but you can wait until you are lvl 50. If you already have Siren/Pirate emblems, just buy the stuff. At level 50 each day there are 5 "daily challenge" quests where you get a reward if you do 4 of them. While you usually can't do that as a fresh lvl 50 the good thing is that each of the 3 heroic lvl 45 dungeons is part of the rotation. On that day you will get parties for the dungeons all day and most ppl are vastly overgeared so runs are also fast and nobody will need the accessories/soulshields. When you finish the story, you will probably be HM4 or 5 and have about 30 gold you can spend on upgrades. Get your Weapon to Oathbreaker. If you still have faction insignia, run blue Ebondrake Hideout for the Chromatic weapon and Refining Stones as you'll meed much fewer materials to upgrade your weapon further. Also run Tower of Memories event every day with every character you have. It will only be available for 2 more days but the rewards will help you a lot.
  7. Pirate path still viable?

    Go to SSP and do everything not related to the mining event. Picking flowers, killing 8 elite, killing the guard in front of the central tent (Heuk Bulmu if you are cerulean, can't remember the name of the cerulean guard that crimson has to kill), stealing intel from the enemy camp, meteors and injured soldiers. Thats 50-100 SS per day without having to mess with the mass of "miners".
  8. In welcher Gilde bin ich?

    Mit L geht das entsprechende Menü auf. du kannst 2 Sammel und 2 Herstellenden Gilden beitreten und jederzeit austreten. Dabei geht alle Erfahrung bei der jeweiligen Gilde verloren, Rezepte bleiben aber erhalten falls du wieder zurückwechselst.
  9. Since the servers were pooled (more or less merged into 6 servers per region) no new server has been created and the pools are usually a mix of old and new so basically all servers can be considered the same age in that regard. 1v1 Arena is much less populated than before. So much that gold rank is where you will already meet really good PvPers. Many players and most bots left the arena. 3v3 is full of afk farmers so unless you have a fixed team of 3, don't consider that mode. 6v6 is not dead yet but close. It had a short revival during the last event as rewards were really good but now it's back to a few overgeared ppl. Main problem is that owPvP is almost nonexistant so most ppl don't have pvp gear for 6v6 and the rewards are not worth the trouble for most. Maybe the next patch will revive it a bit as it introduces new pvp gear. owPvP is broken since most ppl just want to farm SSP for Moonstones and competition lowers the amount of MS for everyone. So on every server(pool) one faction has at least 2/3 of the players and the majority of players who do faction content are in the same faction - most just ignore faction content and farm dungeons instead. On some servers there is still some pvp on the weekend when there are more ppl in SSP than one channel can hold but most of it is the weaker faction going guerilla to steal prestige points after the dominant faction killed some bosses.
  10. Give us midnight Skypetal Plains already

    Yes, Hell is clan based and we probably won't get that. The Hell Soulshield can be bought from the Battlefield Trader in Korea as a cheaper option to the legendary pvp SS we will get with Beluga. Etherial Battleground is the next faction area we might get. It's a limited area (like 24man zones) so the number of players per zone is capped and you can't switch channels at will. Actually i'ts even more restricted als you can only party up with ppl in your own channel (using the rightklick menu) so no "invite to channel 3 pls" so you can't go over the cap. You also can't unequip your faction uniform in there. There are a few quests but the main focus are the constantly respawning raid bosses in there which drop chests and keys similar to SSP, except that the unlocked chests containing keys also have a chance to contain MS. Overall it seems to have fixed most problems SSP currently has.
  11. you mean buffed... Rosethorn stage 3 is the AOE/Heal which most summoners don't use so less damage is no problem You won't need HM Rosethorn now in PvE, as T4 will make Bees instant on hit which was the T5 effect before. Sunflower damage is nerfed a bit (5.5xAP to 5xAP/7.5xAP to 6.6xAP) but Bees are the better choice anyway - Rosethorn change makes it even better as with T5 you don't even need to hit. Then there is the slightly reduced bonus damage on Bees stage 3 from Seed Shroud/Petal Bomb but Awakened Rumblebees will make up for that. I wouldn't call that a nerf overall. But I can already see everyone complaining - summoners about beeing nerfed and others about summoners not being nerfed. :P
  12. Levelcap usw.

    Die Story geht weiter. Immer stückweise. Akt 4 war mal das Ende der Geschichte aber wir haben mitlerweile ja Akt 5+6 und in Korea gibt es Akt 7. Solange das Spiel in Korea erfolgreich bleibt, wird es vermutlich jedes Jahr neue Story geben.
  13. hm dragonchar S1 T5

    5 legendary, 3 oblivion is a common combination even if the skill bonus is good. One of the reasons is that pieces 6-8 of the legendary are really expensive and the 3 pieces bonus of oblivion (or later sets) add damage to every skill. The usefulness of extra DD damage relies a lot on soul/mystic badges and skill patches. With the removal of awakened DD, it will become less useful but there is a badge (from Mushin Tower F20) that reduces DD cooldown by 4 seconds on each frost fury cast which will make it more useful again.
  14. You'll get about 650 AP with non-legendary gear (which is not that hard to get now with all the cost reductions) and about 1500 cdef just from pieces 1-3 legendary pvp soulshield infused with blue primers. Add 3 Sparring pieces infused with green primers and you are already done - actually you might be at 2500 cdef with that. I'm also not quite there but I still had some fun in 6v6 - even before the event with 500AP. During the event I upgraded to about 600AP and 1500+ cdef. Sadly I still need a few more wins so I can buy Offals or CFE with the Tokens I got from the event but I'm getting closer each friday. Yesterday I almost used up all my remaining BP for chests and bravery but now I'm glad i didn't. It would be nice to get another 6v6 event or some useful (non-pvp related) rewards so more ppl will want to do a few matches each day and not only on friday.
  15. I guess we will get the Storm Weapon or at least something similar. Korea has 3 legendary weapon options: Meteor, Comet and Storm of equal power. Meteor and Comet are primarily PvE weapons which are stronger but similar in effect to our Baleful and Seraph (with switched skins - offensive looks like seraph, defensive like baleful) The third is Storm which is meant for PvP and needs Storm pieces to get and level. Storm pieces are also used to buy the Legendary PvP Soulshield. They are similar to our Bravery but cost 250BP each in Korea. The Soulshield has a good amount of HP, acc, def and crit def, the 8pc set bonus is 3sec cd reduction on Tab escape. If it's like the Korean version, you'll need 10 wins to buy pieces 4 and 5 and 100 wins to buy 6-8. 1-3 are free for all.