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  1. It's the other way around - frost armor for up to 5 and sheath the last 3. This will allow the party to iframe the jump after the stomps. A little lag will mess this up though and 5 stomps in Frost Armor needs good timing. Better get Yeti down to 5 or 6 stomps if you want the FM to save. Also unless your party is low dps, the FM can't pull that off twice in a row unless you have a WL to reset cd. As FM I usually try to get grabbed in the first two heat phases and spam Q or E while I stay on the gorund. If ppl want to get the heat buff they can run over. If not, the moment knoc
  2. Try uninstalling every c++ redist on your system. Then install c++ 2005 from microsoft, reboot Windows, start the bns launcher and check files before starting the game. If that does not help - uninstall the game and c++, reboot Windows, install the game (it will install c++) and reboot Windows again. Then start the game.
  3. Slyce

    PvP gear

    The only stat I mentioned in the opening post that can be put on Soulshields is crit defense which is currently the go-to thing in 6v6. I was actually calling for more diversity so not everyone stacks 2-3k crit def but there is a viable choice in stat composition. I also use the Necklace from Misty Woods in PvP but it's other stats are low because it's lvl 45. Also currently there is no item in the game that counters the effect of Misty Woods jewelry.
  4. Slyce

    PvP gear

    While owPvP is mostly dead, with the current focus on revitalizing 6v6 I was wondering when we will get some more PvP accessories. I'm talking about stats like critcal defense, mastery, willpower, debuff damage and debuff defense. Also Concentration but that seems to be a NPC-only stat (have never seen any item with that stat). Infinity tower gave us two soulshields with some PvP stats from the set bonus but Misty Woods Mastery accessories are rather outdated as well. As the soulshields give debuff damage it would help to have the option to counter that with debuff d
  5. You did it the wrong way. Changing "Contextual Skill Slot 2" to F will remap your right mouse button skill to the key F. Klick on "Mouse Settings" at the left (last option) and change "Left-click Action" to "Contextual Skill Slot 3"
  6. You can remap your mouse buttons ingame. Settings -> Key Bindings -> Mouse Settings Change left or right mouse button to "Contextual Skill Slot 3" for F (talk, use, F skill)
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