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  1. 2 hours ago, Dive said:

    Destroyers don't need a hotfix lol the fury, cleave, wrath animation cancel is extremely balanced compared to the shit other classes can pull out of thier asses. and if you just happen to die multiple times to a destroyer using it, you *cricket*ed up and its your fault, that move takes alot of time and planning to successfully pull off. play smarter and stop complaining about balance, when you know so little about it.

    Omg I couldn't have said this any better.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Dive said:

    I have, infact been up for about 46 hours now. So if indeed my grammer is as *cricket*ed, as a elephant with no legs. Then it is indeed because I lack the sleep, or motivation required to correct myself. ImNotAsThinkYouDrunkIAm.

    Trolliest, troll that ever trolled. rate 6/10

  3. Y

    11 hours ago, Nachtdrache said:


    Hes complaining about blade dancers not blade master so not only is your post useless but I'm sure people are tired of you posting a silver ranked destroyer from a different patch level in multiple threads.


    Heres some tips.


    1. If they have a sword floating around them they're CC immune just spin or kite.

    2. If you spec 1 for aoe pull/daze it will pull them out of their spin if you use it after the first .5 secs of their spin your Z specced into weapon throw will also do this.

    3. If you see them SS its a good time to charge and Q spin on them while they can't get away

    4. When they spin just spin back on them

    5. If they sit there and spin on you a lot feel free to pop fury and just spam damage on them you'd be surprised how many sit there and get half their health knocked away.

    6. Try to get a grab on them early so they blow their aoe knockback and move from there

    7. The only two things you should tab escape from are either their grip or after they do their air combo and you're getting up they will stun you into a harsh ani cancel nightmare. I prefer to save it for that later as it does a lot of damage.



    I'm only around 1700 for this season so far but hopefully that helps at least give you an idea of how to build some counters.

    You know whats funny, you say its irrelevant but I say otherwise, I reached gold today after 10 matches 7 win 3 loses with my exact strategy. Sounds like your too full of yourself buddy. I mention my strategy works against every class blade dancers esp, Burn their escapes, Grab, slam, fury, cleave/wrath animation cancel=Win 76% of the time, My statistics prove your wrong. but you have some good tips, although you should naturally figure it out for yourself.

  4. 2 minutes ago, nestharus said:

    I've tried looking all over the net for proof of your claim and the only thing I could find was that CN outfits only last 30 days.


    Can you please link some patch notes so that I can translate them? Or link a video? Or something?



    According to devs, no region has account bound outfits right now.

    What you are asking is extremely difficult as I don't know Chinese or Korean. and don't currently have the cn version installed with the english patch but I suppose google will have to suffice.

  5. he has obviously not played either of those versions, or did years ago. because right now some outfits are trade-able/account bound and even sell-able on the other clients, and purple weapons can be sealed with talismans to be sent through the mail to another character. this is being added to the game.

  6. Pvp against a blade master is easy. Skill 1 Drag Pierces parry, and brings them to you. Skill 2 grab and immediatly initiate slam with a 10% def debuff, then without hesitation activate fury and animation cancel cleave. that blade dancer is dead before 6 secs pass. this goes for everyclass.



  7. From what i'm aware of, on the CN version of the game, everything that is untradable is account bound. Thats what eventually will happen to this version as well. what ncsoft is doing, is spreading out content to make a better profit off the game during its early release, so instead of giving us everything the other version Has currently, they are slowly milking what they can, out of it. So it makes since too not implement this yet, since cn version of the game has this system during the silverfrost mountains content release.

  8. 1 minute ago, Infidel said:

    Thank you.  I'm a bit annoyed.  I have 4.5GB/s internet and I'm only a few hours away from Dallas, but I'm showing an average 70 ping.

    Haha Yeah I hear you, I get from around 60-153 ping and i'm in Florida xD. 150mb/s Download 20mb/s upload

  9. 2 minutes ago, LadyMidday said:

    Cool thread. On League of legends i know it stored you connection logs. I Was wondering does this game do that also? Because you could drop that connection log file into a site called logs of lag and it would tell you your packet loss etc...


    Any way to do that on here?

    I'm not sure If it records the packets sent and recieved, but it does actively tell you if you've lost any packets.

  10. 5 minutes ago, 2501 said:


    It only reports TCP/IP ping to that IP address; no different.


    Actually, that's my understanding anyways. I should do a packet log to make sure.


    Also, you can open Resource Monitor by hitting Start+R (Run), and typing 'resmon'.

    That is another way to open it yes, much faster too, but not many users may know what the "start" button on their keyboard even is xD.

  11. So, I've been hearing people ask this for the past 5 days I've been playing, and I've come to tell you some bad news. There is no way to do it ingame, although if you want to know what it is I'll walk you through it.

    1. Open Task Manager.fa237a67c272f2e822b65b9922613535_zpsgfur

    2.Click the performance Tab.

    3.At the bottom click Open Resource Manager.05d3d0f40451a47ad98c9dd2d8d992b5_zpsjlqx

    4.Find and Check the box that says Client.exe

    5.Go to the network Tab.

    6.Click the drop down that says TCP Connection3571f10a13406a28b62ed3c8625e7cd0_zpseglq

    7. Scroll over to where it says latency.



    Pictures coming soon guys. for those who aren't tech savy.


    Disclosure: None of these Pictures has any personal information about me or my ip, the ip shown is the servers ip. and my public ip is not displayed.

  12. Well I can tell you this, This system eliminates a 2 step process and puts you the as the Bidder or the seller, the outcome is in your hands, and how much they are willing to spend, not only this but the entire party benefits from it if they bid. System is pretty thorough, and Yes it can be abused but i haven't seen that yet. In the end it comes down to morals.

  13. 6 minutes ago, Drremorre said:

    I don't have much of a problem with the auction but I would much prefer if every got RNG loot drops instead of it going to the person with the most cash. Like in Vindictictus at least RNG there is RNG for everyone instead of just the person who can afford it.

    Dude Really? Vindictus RNG is complete ass, and Revolves around how much cash your willing to throw at it, the entire system is based on rng. I can tell you this since i've played since beta. I really hope to god your not serious. 

    -With Regard ToxicDecay.

  14. People may be wondering where it is because the option fullscreen isnt fullscreen at all its windowed fullscreen and doesnt work for crossfire or sli systems, I've come to tell you how to make it true fullscreen. First of all you need to be in the windowed fullscreen mode and spam alt enter, As far as i know this works on windows 10, but may work on other os's. It takes a few times to do it but thats because the game uses alt as a feature. just spam it and tada!! crossfire now works.

  15. 17 hours ago, Rukkirii said:

    We are working hard to take action on bots and RMT gold spammers as quick as possible and we need the community to help us with this fight. If you encounter bots or chat spammers during your time in Blade & Soul, we ask that you please use the in-game Report feature by ALT + right clicking the names of the offending players and pressing the report button. You may also report these players directly to customer support and they too will take action as soon as they receive the ticket. 



    We will also continue to implement more measures that will help with countering these illegitimate players. We really do appreciate all of you assisting us in this matter.


    Try increasing the lvl too talk in region to 30. Might help I know thats what the cn version did, or i think it was 20. Also restricting new players from creating and joining full server it might help, as soon as you ban a bot, a legitimate player can create a character and join. Also Sitting a gm in the first area after the tutorial, and restricting the channel to 1. you can ban the bots as they pop up. Also making a Tos that states you cant have just a random letter name like "lklehnfuiabnuifw" is against tos, so you don't get flak from actual players.


    I used to work for a company, not stating which one. but these are fool proof

  16. 57 minutes ago, Cyradus said:

    Did you pay to download the game? Did you pay for the ability to make a character and play for a month? No. Its a FREE game. If you CHOOSE not to pay them anything, then you lose the entitlement to complain about five dollars or call everything some sort of conspiracy. I can't believe the mindset of the free to play users...blows my mind.

    I would rather it be buy to play then deal with this bullshit, just saying.

  17. You know I feel like they implemented the Que times and beta buy in's(which i applied to about 200 times on 200 different accounts and never got in) to get as much money out of the community as possible, They didn't miss calculate the amount of people would be playing, because if they did we would all be lagging too hell. The way everything has transpired with this mmo's release is extremely suspicious. Just Putting it out there, agree or disagree. 

  18. Just now, Munchiez said:

    Or you can just keep continuing with thinking that this is just some big conspiracy and they're actually letting the bots in and lying to the entire player base.

    At least I have an optimistic view on things. ;)

    We all know ncsoft employees are the Illumi..... wait Conspiracy, What is this?

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