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  1. Hot fixing broken classes?

    Omg I couldn't have said this any better.
  2. So... that maintnance tho

    Trolliest, troll that ever trolled. rate 6/10
  3. Powerslam nerf?


    Y You know whats funny, you say its irrelevant but I say otherwise, I reached gold today after 10 matches 7 win 3 loses with my exact strategy. Sounds like your too full of yourself buddy. I mention my strategy works against every class blade dancers esp, Burn their escapes, Grab, slam, fury, cleave/wrath animation cancel=Win 76% of the time, My statistics prove your wrong. but you have some good tips, although you should naturally figure it out for yourself.
  5. Account-bound Costumes?

    What you are asking is extremely difficult as I don't know Chinese or Korean. and don't currently have the cn version installed with the english patch but I suppose google will have to suffice.
  6. Account-bound Costumes?

    he has obviously not played either of those versions, or did years ago. because right now some outfits are trade-able/account bound and even sell-able on the other clients, and purple weapons can be sealed with talismans to be sent through the mail to another character. this is being added to the game.

    Pvp against a blade master is easy. Skill 1 Drag Pierces parry, and brings them to you. Skill 2 grab and immediatly initiate slam with a 10% def debuff, then without hesitation activate fury and animation cancel cleave. that blade dancer is dead before 6 secs pass. this goes for everyclass.
  8. what happened with destro

    Destroyer becomes god tier at level 50 just wait till content is caught up, people are gunna complain like crazy.
  9. Account-bound Costumes?

    From what i'm aware of, on the CN version of the game, everything that is untradable is account bound. Thats what eventually will happen to this version as well. what ncsoft is doing, is spreading out content to make a better profit off the game during its early release, so instead of giving us everything the other version Has currently, they are slowly milking what they can, out of it. So it makes since too not implement this yet, since cn version of the game has this system during the silverfrost mountains content release.
  10. Ping And how to Check it

    Haha Yeah I hear you, I get from around 60-153 ping and i'm in Florida xD. 150mb/s Download 20mb/s upload
  11. Ping And how to Check it

    I'm not sure If it records the packets sent and recieved, but it does actively tell you if you've lost any packets.
  12. Ping And how to Check it

    That is another way to open it yes, much faster too, but not many users may know what the "start" button on their keyboard even is xD.
  13. Ping And how to Check it

    the resource manager is accurate for 100% including what you mentioned above.
  14. Ping And how to Check it

    Should probably sticky this thread, just wondering if thats possible.