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  1. LF> Clan & Friends

    Hello All! My name is Eli and so is my ign. I'm a returning player (And I see that this forum has been kinda dead...) But I'm hopeful that someone might wanna be my friend! Feel free to add me in game~ [I think I've been gone like.... 2 years... maybe] Also! If there are any clans, active and friendly! I'd be more than happy to join and contribute! Especially if there's a discord. [willing to switch factions] #traitor
  2. Ign: Eli thanks in advance~
  3. Clan Creation.

    Discord link?
  4. LF> Friends~

    This whole request is going to sound super nerdy (possibly even cringeworthy), but I'm looking for friends to play with (maybe even a clan!!) Anyways... Ign: Eli Level 50 HM 11 Warlock You can also contact me on discord if you'd like Eli#9834
  5. Looking for clan (returning player)

    I too... am looking for a clan... Let me know if you find one
  6. Known Issue: Coin of Memory Event Token

    Appreciate you posting this o/ Showing you really care :)
  7. Closed

    Would like friends though!
  8. LF active clan for me and my friend

    I'm the advisor in this guild called Tatakai, we have both a skype and Discord group and we're on the Poharan/Iksanun server~ Unfortunately we aren't Crimson Legion.. we are Cerulean Order~ So if you would consider switching, and/or are interested in joining, or just would like a friend to tag along~ My ign is Eli :) My skype is Ryuxten
  9. Elite Initiate Uniform

    This is the first time I've seen anyone with Cerulean Elite Initiate Uniform... Are there any clans on Poharan crafting either that or the crimson elite initiate uniform? I'm obviously willing to donate :my fair sharem asasmymymy my fair share, and join the clan
  10. You can now purchase them in the NA/EU version from the coin exchange merchant in Jadestone village for 20 valor stones!!!
  11. No Orginal names?

    My name is Eli
  12. Would really appreciate any help obtaining the following (grayed out) outfits in this picture: if there is a question about an outfit, feel free to ask! I am a level 50 hongmoon 8 warlock with 555 AP, so please do not believe that I am asking for a carry; but that I am asking for a mutually beneficial group questing for outfits
  13. How about 620g and and my eternal gratitude? (That's all the money i have sorry)
  14. Selling Spirit of Bamboo code

    Edit: I will give you 620g to have this Asap (That's sadly the highest I can even go)