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  1. How do i get such massive hp?

    At each lv 20,30,40,50 Which are the best SS you can get?
  2. Why don't you go the GW2 route and put on sale in the Cash Shop a Permanent Harvesting Tools Pack instead of having to buying many Pickaxe. Also create a slot to place it in character window instead of using up space in my inventory.
  3. Just watch this video thats the Perfect Mmorpg
  4. I encountered the 1st Dungeon and Boss Pokey but see that you cannot Solo it at lv 15 and theres no new players around even with Dungeon Finder. Now Ive got to wait until im lv 30 to try and finish the Quest.
  5. A kickout system is a pain
  6. Im using Razer Naga have no issues.
  7. [Red Mask] Drop Rate! -_-

    Quicker if your higher lv
  8. Producer's Letter – 6/09 Livestream Questions

    Q: Why didnt you made Google Authentication for this game like Wildstar Blade and Soul uses the same system except that here we have to put the code every single time we logout while in Wildstar it saved our Code and IP address for 7 days and it was less painful and tiring having your phone next to your PC to place the code every 10 min or every 4 hrs instead of every 7 days like WS.
  9. [Red Mask] Drop Rate! -_-

    1 Drop every 87 runs so Ive heard.
  10. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    Whats AP and where do you check it?
  11. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    Why should you Alt if this game just like Black Desert is SOOO Alt Unfriendly, If you buy a costume no other race of class can use it.
  12. Producer's Letter – 6/09 Livestream Questions

    Will Wardrobe be Account Wide??? Go Check Wildstar or take part of their Creative Department either way the game is dead but their Creative Team is better than yours. In WS if you got an Armor, any class could wear it as a costume on any realm and any race. Also no Dumb STAMPS to pass Costumes to another character thats just GREED pure and simple.
  13. Producer's Letter – 6/09 Livestream Questions

    Will you stop that RNG like Black Desert Online? RNG for Transmutation: Hey look you might have a 3% chance to get that Costume, you just got to salvage those 2 pricey and very hard to obtain costumes, just for a chance to try and get it. Its not a Get 2 costumes transmute and you get 1 High Cool Costume. You are going BDO route remember this is the West Market We Hate RNG of that type, try and learn some things from Wildstar.
  14. Producer's Letter – 6/09 Livestream Questions

    Q: Will you lower the NPC items sold prices and increase currency given for junk you sell? 12 Silver for a Key, you can get it on Marketplace for far less, its as if the Development team just copy and pasted the Npc without checking the information and contrasting it with the location of such merchant. At lv5 you cant buy a key 12 silver each, gotta be more realistic havent had this happened to me in some years, most games have Merchants that have a normal selling currency rate. Blade and Soul is just off the chart. For an example: Hey buys some HP potions from that Merchant Selling Price 1 Gold each, hey look you are barely level 10, how do they think your going to make 1 Gold at level 10. Im lv 12 and im barely at 12 silver. You got to increase the currency given by merchants when selling items or junk, Sell that duplicate of Soul Shard to that NPC, hey cool he gave me 2 copper coins nice eh. In the Marketplace you get 12 silver to 2 gold for selling a piece of Soul Shard. It is really needed for the Devs to normalize the currency exchange rate ingame and drops.