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  1. Yep you stop it with Firestorm (tab) but you don't have to let it come too close to do it , its has a 5m radius which is more than enough...also if your firestorm is on cd then you can iframe its pass with Q-E also.
  2. Honestly the only reason i made the red lege is because of the skill reset buff...as a fm i pew pew alot so i get the reset quite often and also the weapon buff that pops is quite good. Other than that personally idgaf about the extra a.d. If i knew people wouldn't make fun of me i would have changed to the white one already which i love the looks of ....but oh well :D I was never a freak with numbers and idc if i am the highest dps in the world, all i care about is : look cool and have fun while i do descent dmg lol :P
  3. The additional dmg is a proc lets say like the red gem works , it pops as white dmg and it doesnt get add up to ur crits or non crit hits, also does not show in the combat log i think .The only way to see it is by spanking that dude while paying attention in the dmg numbers that float , you will see an amount of 600-700+ poping always white. I got stg1 lege also and 680ap. It says its 100% additional dmg of your ap so thats 670 additional white dmg . Dmg goes up as u uprade ur weapon , im guessing at highers lvls it doesnt suck so much.
  4. I have 100 times Heavens run , 70 runs cold storage, a bunch of runs from the other dungeons that he can spawn also ... NO GEM . I just used 60 thingies and i bought the emerald from the dragonstore lol. Voila problem solved. Lets see i bought about 50 summer boxes i didn't even get a single pair of glasses or gem ! Not even glasses dude!! :D And finally i have been doing daily challenge every day since they added the new pouches with moonstones...i never got a 10 pack or 100 pack of moonstones lol. There are days i dont get one at all from the 3 or 5 pouches and when i do its always 2-3 never
  5. Those hair!!!! I...NEED!!!!! O_O BOTH!
  6. I got them on my second run at Toe as soon as we were able to 3 man it with my friends. Thats like 2-3 days after launch lol. I haven't seen it since and i've been there more than 50 times. It's super rare, so far i've only seen 2 more people from other servers that had it, now with you 3 more people :P
  7. Yep, there's too many people with that problem and another thread about it. Hope it gets fixed soon.
  8. Mai

    Extreme FPS Drops

    I have exactly the same problem in both my computers!! Its driving me insane...its horrible inside dungeons , my screen freezes for a few sec and i cant do shit. fps number never passes 60-70 when it used to be at 120 at BETA at headstart! This happened the last couple of days cause it was fine on friday-saturday. Pls take a look at this!!
  9. I dont know if its related but ever since yesterday or the day before and the last update i did on my client my fps dropped dramatically...it doesnt go above 60. Yes i have the fps bar pulled up to 120 at in game settings, but still it doesnt pass 60 when i used to be 110-120 constantly...Inside dungeons is horrible...whenever many mobs are involved or boss effects , fps drops to 25 and if im unlucky to 15. Which in that case screen freezes for a few sec and i literally cant do anything lol. Other people from my cross server dungeons complained also about this...i really hope they realize this
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