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  1. Yep you stop it with Firestorm (tab) but you don't have to let it come too close to do it , its has a 5m radius which is more than enough...also if your firestorm is on cd then you can iframe its pass with Q-E also.
  2. Balefull weapon buff not working.

    Honestly the only reason i made the red lege is because of the skill reset a fm i pew pew alot so i get the reset quite often and also the weapon buff that pops is quite good. Other than that personally idgaf about the extra a.d. If i knew people wouldn't make fun of me i would have changed to the white one already which i love the looks of ....but oh well :D I was never a freak with numbers and idc if i am the highest dps in the world, all i care about is : look cool and have fun while i do descent dmg lol :P
  3. Balefull weapon buff not working.

    The additional dmg is a proc lets say like the red gem works , it pops as white dmg and it doesnt get add up to ur crits or non crit hits, also does not show in the combat log i think .The only way to see it is by spanking that dude while paying attention in the dmg numbers that float , you will see an amount of 600-700+ poping always white. I got stg1 lege also and 680ap. It says its 100% additional dmg of your ap so thats 670 additional white dmg . Dmg goes up as u uprade ur weapon , im guessing at highers lvls it doesnt suck so much.
  4. I must been cursed

    I have 100 times Heavens run , 70 runs cold storage, a bunch of runs from the other dungeons that he can spawn also ... NO GEM . I just used 60 thingies and i bought the emerald from the dragonstore lol. Voila problem solved. Lets see i bought about 50 summer boxes i didn't even get a single pair of glasses or gem ! Not even glasses dude!! :D And finally i have been doing daily challenge every day since they added the new pouches with moonstones...i never got a 10 pack or 100 pack of moonstones lol. There are days i dont get one at all from the 3 or 5 pouches and when i do its always 2-3 never above that. So moral of the story friend rejoice...there are people out there with worst luck than you ! \o/
  5. Question about outfits

    Those hair!!!! I...NEED!!!!! O_O BOTH!
  6. I got them on my second run at Toe as soon as we were able to 3 man it with my friends. Thats like 2-3 days after launch lol. I haven't seen it since and i've been there more than 50 times. It's super rare, so far i've only seen 2 more people from other servers that had it, now with you 3 more people :P
  7. FPS / Freeze problems!

    Yep, there's too many people with that problem and another thread about it. Hope it gets fixed soon.
  8. Extreme FPS Drops

    I have exactly the same problem in both my computers!! Its driving me insane...its horrible inside dungeons , my screen freezes for a few sec and i cant do shit. fps number never passes 60-70 when it used to be at 120 at BETA at headstart! This happened the last couple of days cause it was fine on friday-saturday. Pls take a look at this!!
  9. FPS / Freeze problems!

    I dont know if its related but ever since yesterday or the day before and the last update i did on my client my fps dropped doesnt go above 60. Yes i have the fps bar pulled up to 120 at in game settings, but still it doesnt pass 60 when i used to be 110-120 constantly...Inside dungeons is horrible...whenever many mobs are involved or boss effects , fps drops to 25 and if im unlucky to 15. Which in that case screen freezes for a few sec and i literally cant do anything lol. Other people from my cross server dungeons complained also about this...i really hope they realize this and they fix it soon cause its a pity to add fps lag on top of everything else atm. My machine can run the game full graphics with all the option on perfectly , i tried lowering the graphics just in case its my fault but no , still the same. Also played with settings on my pc and game blablabla, still the same. p.s. i have 2 computers and 2 accounts, both have the fps problem. Also a few clan members have it.
  10. Mushin (Premium members queue) WTF!?

    Yes exactly, all big population games or at least the ones i played have an afk timer...gw2 for example kicks you out after 30 mins or so even if you auto-run against a wall or use a skill...shity Archeage used to kick you out after 20 mins too until they changed it cause nobody was playing yeah there are solutions. It only comes down to how easy it is for them to implement them. Imo the best would have been from the beggining if servers had an actual indication of how full they are and when the population goes to max, it gets locked. Tough luck for those that didnt make it. But then people would complain about not being able to be with their clans blabla. So that's a fail too. Solution : Afk timer. Problem solved. Q's maybe yes, but at least smaller.
  11. Mushin (Premium members queue) WTF!?

    As Luminescent said when we joined Mushin the Q's werent so bad, so we could live with it. Yes i knew that there was gona be Q's but i still went there cause all my friends went there and i wanted to be with them. I guess sue me and everyone else for thinking like that. I knew about Q's cause i read forums and i watch the live streams. But im pretty sure that the rest of 20k+ people that joined Mushin not all of them do so. I would go to another server but guess what my character is almost 30 lvl with half of my master pack items on it. It will take 7 days to be deleted at this point and i really like my name to risk losing it now. Oh and the cherry on top , to where i live internet connection resets once a day, so i have no choice but logging out so someone can take my place. p.s. btw we also lose hours from our premium days too by being in queue half a day lol. xD
  12. Annoying 85 bytes

    Well that sucks. I hope they remove it soon, if that's what happens.
  13. Annoying 85 bytes

    I have the problem also and it takes 20-25 seconds every single time i log. For me its a problem because its annoying. Not everyone has the same internet connection or fast computer system either. If its truly a repair file then wth breaks every time i try to log that needs to be repaired?