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  1. IMO everyone chiming in on this thread with their results are the root of the problem. Thanks for ruining MMOs for the other 99% of players.
  2. New RNG Box in Shop!

    I know you mean well and are a good person overall, but if you actually bought these things, you're part of the problem, not part of the solution.
  3. The problem is that they're making the new RNG box the only way to get an outfit I would like. I'd happily pay outright for the outfit, just like I've done so far with many cash shop outfits. But I will not spend a single penny on this RNG crap. So yes, nothing's forcing me to buy an RNG box, but NCSoft is effectively losing real cash on this absurdity.
  4. New RNG Box in Shop!

    I am also offended by this practice. I will NEVER by an RNG box. But I will gladly throw money at you if you enable me to buy a costume outright.
  5. There is no patch notes thread talking about this. There is no news article talking about this. I did not see any other obvious threads with key words like "feedback" or otherwise.
  6. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Screw them for doing this. I hate RNG boxes. It's a cheap, shoddy monetization practice. I'll throw cash at a game all day long for useful/cosmetic things sold outright without any RNG stupidity. But I'll never, every buy a random chest and will have nothing but bad will towards a company who hides desirable costumes (or gear of any kind) in random loot chests sold for cash.
  7. NCSoft, I'll say it plain and simple: I will throw real world money at you all day long if you let me buy exactly what I want without any RNG stupidity involved. But you'll never get a red cent out of me for ANY random loot box on the cash shop. It's never happened for me in any game, and it never will. I truly despise this practice in GW2, Tera, and other games. I thought this game was going to be a bit more above-board. You already have serious monetization potential from your costumes, your brilliant keys, your inventory packs, etc. --all of which have until now been sold above board without RNG. Please don't make me write off this otherwise best-in-breed MMO title as yet another failed money-grubbing POS because of egregious cash shop hi-jinks.
  8. Major Ping issues and DCs?

    Yes, this evening (for the 2 hours prior to this time stamp), the game has been like this for me too. And several random and unexpected disconnects. My client has been rock-solid since early launch. Today, it's bad.
  9. Wardrobe Can't Be Opened

    Same here. Friends list is working for me, but wardrobe isn't. This blocks progress because my faction uniforms are in the wardrobe.
  10. Disconnected Error 200

    Same here (at this time stamp) This is despite the tweet from 1 hour ago that the team was restarting the NA servers.
  11. Blackram Narrows breakthrough items dead end.

    You need only 1 item from Blackram Narrows for gear breakthrough: An unsealed purple weapon for your specific class. If you spend 40 Ncoin (the equivalent of about 50 cents US), you are guaranteed that weapon from just one run of the dungeon. Otherwise, just run the dungeon until you finally get lucky on that weapon. But you don't need that dungeon for the breakthrough items for your Hongmoon Jewelery. You can simply spend some "Viridian Stones" at the merchant standing to the left of the village mission board in Jade Village. I think the breakthrough pieces are 5 stones each. You can also buy a full soul shield from that vendor that is every bit as good as the purple soul shield that you can (optionally) farm in Blackram Narrows. Here's the simplest guide to soul shield progression: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/41jw2u/psa_try_not_waste_your_unsealing_charm_and_money/ Here's another slightly more complex guide (Click through to YouTube itself, then expand the "Show More" section beneath the video):
  12. 1 time OTP Authentication key

    If anyone's still reading this far into the thread, if you never set up 2-step auth for any other NCSoft game and you don't want to start now, the simple "PIN" approach works just fine in the new release client: The very first time you try to log in (now, before Jan 11), you'll get to a point where you see a screen asking for the 6-digit PIN twice. Enter the same number in both rows. Your next screen will give an error about being unable to connect to the server. Launch your client and try again. This time you'll see only ONE row asking for your PIN. This means that you have successfully defined your PIN and the client knows what it is now. Go ahead and enter the PIN and you'll get the same error message as before. This is normal because none of us can get in until 6PM PST Jan 11 at the earliest.