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    I'll just leave that there...
  2. Yay another complete trash event to skip

    ......then skip it. No one is forcing you to do the event. Simple as that. You can complain here all you want, but in the end, Korea is mostly in charge of the content (as someone mentioned above).
  3. Please stop buffing old content

    I'm glad you weren't around for the 45 patch when Mushin was only accomplished by a very few handful of players.
  4. A Quick Update From Nico

    Hey, thanks a lot for the update. Excited next year for things to come ^_^. Glad you're safe and sound.
  5. Weapon "reductions"

    Hey, thanks for taking a look! ^_^
  6. Grand Celestial vs Aransu (Wrong)

    As people have said, GC3 is not better than Aransu9.... .....especially if you have a slow attacking class and have bad RNG with stacks, your DPS will be underwhelming compared to A9. Sucks for me as a fire KFM. Not sure if I'm willing to switch to wind to compensate for this. Might have to think about that... ...and if you plan to go GC path, be sure to accumulate enough celestial steel to make the jump straight to GC6-9 after the upgrade....
  7. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Thank you for everything Jon... ...good luck in your productive life...and never forget your goals in life and games.
  8. Treasure trove Opening 350 keys

    As we've said before, and will continue to say it again--trove is strictly RNG. Some will never see a 3-star crit. I haven't seen one in my life until now. I opened 700 keys and got two 3 star crits. Next 100 keys I got another and a 10-oil crit. This trove has treated me the best so far actually. ^_^.
  9. Show off your characters!!

    Been making fine tunes/adjustments on my appearance since day 1 of BnS's launch in the west back in 2016! Wanted to make my characters appear physically like me a bit and facially as well. But it stayed relatively the same over the last 2 years. Since I only use one character on BNS, I switch intermittently between a Gon and Jin. I'm currently using my Jin. I also have pre-sets made for a female Gon, Female Yun and Male Gon.
  10. Head the "register now" and it should say that your account was already previously registered. Then you're good to go! -Kevyn
  11. Yayyy costume customization is coming!

    Don't get your hopes up TOO soon--it's going to be extremely expensive both gold and possibly cash wise...depending on the types of materials needed for it. If it's like clan outfitting, then yes it'll be extremely expensive. However, I am pleased to know you can do this in this game =). A very positive step indeed..
  12. Pet > Awakened Pet > Ultimate Pet Appearance

    I thought it was 1 for awakened but I could be mistaken.
  13. Pet > Awakened Pet > Ultimate Pet Appearance

    Awakened requires 1 pet pod, and to get your ultimate skin you'll need 4 pet pods; so 5 total. You'll also need 3 of the same pet as well as an offering.
  14. why....

    Trove is not pay to win. There is nothing in trove that you can't obtain in the game through farming and grinding--other than outfits specifically from trove. But even most of those end up in F10 eventually for a limited time. And you can even buy some from F5 now. Worst and greedy? You haven't played other MMO's out there that ARE pay 2 win; that require literally thousands of dollars for one item that you can't obtain in the game--only through their RNG boxes. Before I quit a certain MMO, someone dropped around $10,000 USD to get one item from the RNG packs and STILL didn't obtain what he wanted. That was for ONE piece of UNREFINED gear--which cost around another $500-1,000USD to refine. Some people have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their characters in that MMO.
  15. Same....was able to give my girl keys and expansion as well...might be an issue on his/her end ^_^.