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  1. Does anyone know what has been released as far as hongmoon skills in the 50 patch? And how to obtain them ? Don't know why they don't mention more on them in each patch...
  2. You are obviously in denial and don't want to think your perfect game is not perfect anymore... I can tell the difference between a bot and a baddie and actually I don't rage towards baddies one bit (there learning) however a bot is another disease and is currently highly infected in blade and soul NA. Try pvp and tell me its not entirely of bots tell pretty much diamond ... and in 3's. and yes pve cross servers are full of them too not to mention the mass bots guilds in the world pvp end game zone who all tele in and kill off the elite npc's. I agree there not as bad ive had less of t
  3. dude, do you realize what you are doing wrong?? For one you can beat it ive beaten the last 4 of them... When you were creating a gap and started to get some dmg off you go back to them.... You have to keep ur distance and the invis will fall off and u will see dmg then keep ur distance and cc them and kite at max range and win. watch your vid maybe, you will see where you keep closing the gap causing them to get there hack off.
  4. I know there's already topics on bots but I want to cover more than just one area off why this is going to kill the game within weeks (mark my words)... First PVE, if you plan on queing up in the cross server dungeons good luck 3 out of 6 are usually bots and the time it takes to keep reforming the groups is a waste of a lot of time. Also the market has completely went to shit because of them soulstones are almost free now, recipe drops, skill books, and other various items such as pots, food and other drops are also practically free. SOO if you want to make any money you have to c
  5. K so the way I beat them as a warlock is immediately blow up there pet while ccing them at range(pet might make it through but that's ok as long as the summoner don't) then kill of pet and kite the summoner tell he is dead if he gets to u and starts doing his invis and invul sht just ss and kite again.
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