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  1. Hongmoon Skills

    Does anyone know what has been released as far as hongmoon skills in the 50 patch? And how to obtain them ? Don't know why they don't mention more on them in each patch...
  2. Game is almost completely ruined...

    You are obviously in denial and don't want to think your perfect game is not perfect anymore... I can tell the difference between a bot and a baddie and actually I don't rage towards baddies one bit (there learning) however a bot is another disease and is currently highly infected in blade and soul NA. Try pvp and tell me its not entirely of bots tell pretty much diamond ... and in 3's. and yes pve cross servers are full of them too not to mention the mass bots guilds in the world pvp end game zone who all tele in and kill off the elite npc's. I agree there not as bad ive had less of them in the purple dungeons however, in the blue dungeons its infested. And some people don't care to solo them so it does cause a problem in the pve aspect too.
  3. how to kill 100% resist summoner bots in 2k

    dude, do you realize what you are doing wrong?? For one you can beat it ive beaten the last 4 of them... When you were creating a gap and started to get some dmg off you go back to them.... You have to keep ur distance and the invis will fall off and u will see dmg then keep ur distance and cc them and kite at max range and win. watch your vid maybe, you will see where you keep closing the gap causing them to get there hack off.
  4. Game is almost completely ruined...

    I know there's already topics on bots but I want to cover more than just one area off why this is going to kill the game within weeks (mark my words)... First PVE, if you plan on queing up in the cross server dungeons good luck 3 out of 6 are usually bots and the time it takes to keep reforming the groups is a waste of a lot of time. Also the market has completely went to shit because of them soulstones are almost free now, recipe drops, skill books, and other various items such as pots, food and other drops are also practically free. SOO if you want to make any money you have to craft and hope to god yyou get a proc otherwise your just another broke player taking it up somewhere were the sun don't shine for bots sake.. Second PVP, were should I start... This season is already completely ruined in my opinion and I'm sure others as well. The bots completely run 3v3 and 1v1. 3v3 good luck queing to get your dailies done without getting bots on ur team for the perfect loss... 1v1 completely covered in bot up into diamond now due to a summoner hack of perma stealth and resist (fun!!). Yes I can get past the bots and am sitting at rank 46 in my class. That has nothing to do with it. It shouldn't be like this, ok I can beat destroyer bots now I'm in plat yay! and second once you get past that you will get perma stealth summoners with gl beating if ur melee (not sure if possible at his point). Not to mention for true pvp players if they intend to get any money to get there stuff up to farm hongmoon weapons and skills they will be stuck doing hours of dailies to get that gold now instead of doing what they like to do (pvp), because soulstones are worth absolutely nothing now... All this is sad considering it should be the top priority of ncsoft before there beloved game is ruined and all the notable players have left. Maybe instead of trying to release stuff so fast or redoing there website they should fix the problems that will end there game first... Not to mention the flood of glitches they still need to fix as well... If your team cant fix the problem Ncsoft , then maybe hire outside... I'm sure someone from blizzard or Trion can show you how to fix bot problems. Sad that its even taken this long for something to actually be seen and improved in game Forgot one thing too. The endless friend request from bots even though there blocked is a great pop up throughout the day as well and the endless spam in chat too. Ive already turned off all channels in chat due to it... Sad I cant enjoy what this game has to offer.
  5. how to kill 100% resist summoner bots in 2k

    K so the way I beat them as a warlock is immediately blow up there pet while ccing them at range(pet might make it through but that's ok as long as the summoner don't) then kill of pet and kite the summoner tell he is dead if he gets to u and starts doing his invis and invul sht just ss and kite again.
  6. Fix the queue times.

    This is why I think a game of this scale and polished graphics, and plenty of content to come should have more confidence in charging to play the game period. If everyone had to pay to play the game it would have much less issues like server stability/login-ques and less in-game problems such as bots and complainers (which no one gives a rats ass about, however it does get old and annoying). Get rid of the store and take all those nice outfits and implement them into game content, and make more on subscribers. Solution? Give away free trials to anyone who wants to try the game 1 week later way less complaining BS in chat and server que/stability fix. Who's gonna complain you ask? The people who aren't gonna spend money on your beautiful game anyway... So if they're not gonna support the game in any way, then really why allow them to play the game... Sorry just thinking out loud...
  7. Just updated client now I cant run the client after loginning

    define moderate....................
  8. Just updated client now I cant run the client after loginning

    If your fix worked wtf you doing in here go play!
  9. Just updated client now I cant run the client after loginning

    This is actually really upsetting, we have all paid a fair amount of real money to get a head start and waited quite some time to get this game live... Now that I've planned around this head start I cannot even play. Unfortunately tonight was my night to get some levels in on the head start too :(.Off the topic the exp food is glitched too so that exp gain that came with my real money pack is also not working... I really hope you plan on giving something back to us especially if this problem isn't fixed fast.
  10. Keybinds Please!

    Agree as well good thread