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  1. Nerfed version of the Asura Soulshield.

    To be honest, you don't have to use Asura at all if you don't want to, and with a focus of 6v6 or open world pvp in general, you probably want a separate soulshield all together fused with pvp in mind. What's BiS for pve isn't necessarily whats BiS for pvp. You'll soon learn, that in the realm of plaync games that come to the west that the game differs region to region and for the most part looking for specific details instead of just general information is bad idea.
  2. So much this, Just tell the people you don't know how to do what they're doing. Some of us are willing to help you enough so you can get through the run, just be honest. I'm less likely to want to escape to entrance and help those who stay silent even though they need the help. Just say something, i get that in some instances there's no obvious way to avoid mobs, i understand why some players don't do it. Ask for help. I can only hope those who pug go into it with an open mind about individual player experience.
  3. Bots exist because the gaming community demands shortcuts, you can all blame ncsoft, but at some point you have to realize who's demand these bots are adhering to. You want less bots? buy less gold, vilify the players who buy gold. You're all just sitting there blaming ncsoft like the bot problem started here, as if this is the first game that you've ever seen a bot. When things go awry, you're all ready with your pitchforks ready to burn ncsoft HQ down, Whens the last time you sat in a queue to log on? Remember when you were all complaining about that? demanding your server transfers for the game you play for free? Did you write ncsoft a letter of appreciation? Stop being entitled. This isn't an ncsoft problem, this is something thats plagued the mmo industry for decades. My suggestion? Stop pugging, if the prospect of bots really bothers you, start using party finder.
  4. Please change 24p dungeon main boss spawn.

    It's got nothing to do with boss difficulty directly. It's an easier version, the catch is you have to kill more bosses to spawn poh, it's as simple as that. It's a 24 person dungeon, on paper you're supposed to work together to progress through it, making it a timer (like everyone else said) only allows people to sit at poh and wait for her to spawn. You're free to indulge in whatever parts of BnS you like, if you value your time so much, you should probably just skip it. Adding a premium only version is silly.
  5. Please change 24p dungeon main boss spawn.

    How much easier do you want them to make the easiest version of poh? why not just have them make it so that at reset time, your 24poh dailies are already complete. /s

    Lol when BDs start getting their HM skills you guys are going to haaaaatteeeeeeeeeee usssss moreeeeee.
  7. Gorillaz, Daft Punk and Gorillaz, generally listened to on youtube at 1.25 speed.
  8. Once upon a time ! Destroyer.

    Lol just run away, the avg destroyer will spin himself out of chi.
  9. Terrible System for BnS

    Lol you're upset cause you can pvp for some pve stuff? Thats a lot better than the reverse of people who like pvping having to pve and grind out HM levels for what i consider to be a vital 6 skill points atm.
  10. Best solution for Balance !

    This is such a great idea LOL we can all face BM/FMs all day until 50 patch, yay. As a BD, i'd just choose to beyblade destroyers all day. This is such a silly idea, you might as well just tell us you want them to delete summoners and blade cancers, this isn't about balance you're just tired of the getting dunked on by tiny cat people. This isn't a game where you choose your character, you have the character(s) you have and thats it, the moba style of banning only works because you choose your character at the start of the match, and build it from the ground up. Nobody would find any fights, cause nobodies going to choose to fight a class they cant walk all over, mechanically with their eyes closed.
  11. Summoners and soulstones

    Soulstones are a pve concept, exactly what are you guys mad about? Summoners are your best friend in pve, accept during dragon and possibly ogres, let them get max geared its only pve. Farming zen beans comes down to a matter of frequency, if you suck and want zen beans just lose more, by that i mean literally stand there and let them 2-0 you, go afk just come back to queue back up. Of all the summoner qq I've seen out of NA thus far, this is easily my favourite.
  12. Being able to blade storm into drain into take flight into lightning draw into lighting strike into ani cancel f+lmb into 2 into more ani cancel f+lmb into x is the dream, i get off to this combo.
  13. Genuinely saddened by this disconnect thing. Completely ruining what should've been an easy gold rank in 15 or less matches. I now have 9 losses where i lagged through the entire fight. -Super duper hella sad face man.