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  1. Clan ranking bonus bug?

    Is this a bug? 2 weeks now we've had this bonus when we should have 75% not 55%. I mean is it just a visual bug?

    Well I know that, but for sf if divine is earth then did they make tiger for frost? I would just log in to check myself but I'm stuck waiting on a 3h+ revert

    But tiger is frost right? like the new bracelet making it separate for each element.

    What exactly is wrong with it?
  5. Thanks for Ruining BD Party Protection

    Fm and destroyers still got their pt protection which is unlimited
  6. Thanks for Ruining BD Party Protection

    Which old block? kr never got anything back, dual strike resist was put back. Which we get anyway. But if your talking about hm no its still the same
  7. Dynasty Mystic Badge

    While that does make sense, but that is not what the tooltip actually means. over 5 hits would be 800% of each of the 5 hits which in turn would mean 4000% but as it says now is incorrect and not what the in game tooltip actually showss
  8. Dynasty Mystic Badge

    I noticed on BNSTREE that the Dynasty Soul Badge says Chain Lightning deals 4000% of Attack Power as Lightning damage over 5 hits up to 5 enemies. Is NA/EU version just a typo like they did with Pulse Mystic Badge or was this a later buff to the badge KR got? Because it doesn't mention anywhere kr even had a change to this specific badge. other than their most recent test server "no longer a projectile". Edit: Never mind bnstree is just wrong on the tool-tip. checked KRs badge and its 800% as well
  9. Is there any way to remove all the damn skills from the cooldown bar I don't need to see that my dual strike(or storm cleave), raid, thunder slash, flaming scourge (Well this i don't mind) phantom grip, lightning strike etc. are on cooldown Edit: Its only blade dancers... ffs fix this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
  10. Primal Force or Courage?

  11. Realmrift Supply Chain is way too hard for an event

    Yea what makes it harder is our badges and soul etc dont even work
  12. Premium lvl compensation.

    This better be the case because I purposely didn't pay for premium which ran out yesterday. I didn't feel I needed to.
  13. Nah they weren't always account bound. They became account bound when gunslinger was released on September 14th. F20 was released on March 28th
  14. Friendly advice about Trove

    I Agree *thumbsup*
  15. 'There no obtainable rewards' L o L

    This happened to me yesterday after being on for 2h20m all of a sudden checkmark on every hour, then much later on it decides it wants to give me them. Now its doing it again
  16. Noping is better than wtfast its also cheaper
  17. Nopoing is best ping. There is a way to use pingzapper for free but u have to constantly make a new email every 7 days but I've had my exp with pingzapper and it sucks a$$ but I think that depends on where you live because to some it works
  18. XIGNCODE Error

    It should be fixed now its letting me update launcher and website isnt fd nemore either
  19. XIGNCODE Error

    BnS is haunted gg
  20. XIGNCODE Error

    Im getting the same thing even the website is all fd
  21. And even buying powders is pointless because with 4 powder u can just buy a hexagonal
  22. what about HM square gems ?

    It will cost 1 fragment(I think) to transmute 3 squares into a penta
  23. pet ulti rolls

    RNG all RNG
  24. Shiiieeettt I remember when they were like 150g+ and then for awhile being like 40g later down the road as we got newer content gold was harder to obtain then too and your complaining of an increase of 3-4g... D:
  25. Nebula's for Rift/dawn stage 7-9.

    Well they are not giving us st 7-9 right now if they do before Oct 17 then possibly but i highly doubt that