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  1. Solo area difficulty

    Master Hong and Den of the Ancients are really troublesome. They have seemingly no attack patterns and punishing skills including range checks. I know there is a pattern, however many players are left-handed right side brain people and patterns aren't their strong point. Ultimately solo areas would be closer to Outlaw Island where the mechanics and easy to see differentiating attacks string together what to do for the player. Outlaw Island was far more challenging than how newer areas are punishing. If that cannot be done then I'll list out possible suggestions: Simplify attack patterns by removing attacks Offer more tokens or fragments to the store Solo area general nerfs or damage reductions Make first or second bosses have higher drop rates of fragments or a low chance of full token I suppose what I want isn't making it easier exactly, but less punishing and easier to learn different people.
  2. update on housing and mount please

    What you're asking for is side activities and features. Size of areas won't lead to much use for mounts and other ideas you mentioned have been done before in other games. Apparently we're getting fishing. How's that?
  3. Can you even make gunners more weak ???

    Gunners are really strong in 6v6 and not being top DPS is a good thing. No class should be entitled to have that all the time.
  4. After Blizzcon - Thinking about coming back

    1. I would say the state of the game is mixed. There's for sure people, but there's been issues that has had players move on or take breaks. 2. I main blade dancer and I'd say not blade dancer in PvE. 3. The same pay-to-progress as its ever been. You rank higher on ladders and skip some mech or phases, but that's about it. Forums and Reddit have a lot of people complaining about really dumb stuff. The game would have retained a lot more players if it had better optimization and netcode. Game engine upgrade hopefully next year, so hopefully it'll work out.
  5. Crimson faction the better choice?

    All the servers in EU are stacked red and NA blue, but Zulia has red clans for end-game and causal play.
  6. Tomorrow event full patch notes?

    https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/the-golden-harvest-festival-returns-november-7/ I don't agree with how they ninja edited it in. But it sounds like you get joy in things going wrong.

    Both factions on Zulia have active casual and end-game clans. Ceruleans dominate SSP (level 45 faction content) unless there's a geared Crimson out there, as they can take drilling/mining pretty easy.
  8. There is a need if the game has two things conflicting with each other.
  9. For TT boss 2 and the mini raid that has symbols the bosses have black bubbles that block the symbols over the boss. Watching the boss is better because you also get to watch the bosses animations. Status bar is full of clutter. Maybe future content will be affected as well. There's no setting that I know of that disables it.
  10. Relaunch Master x Master Please

    It didn't have anything from Guild Wars 1. The BNS costume you got was female only. BNS characters were too cliché.
  11. Help deciding mains ?

    You can make warden and learn the class along with everyone else. You might be asked to tank stuff though, so be okay with that. Gunner gets free dps and loads of iframes. They can also escape PvP fights with their near unlimited hooks.
  12. Increase SSP boss health

    Good. That pushes out the majority faction.
  13. Is The Game Still Dumbed Down?

    The people you ask just do normal mode and likely haven't reached the current raid TT or even VT. They "dumb down" old stuff so you can get to current and new stuff. They also made hard mode more rewarding, so now you have people doing that.
  14. Hong Nerf

    I would love a nerf, but it's the current ranked solo area in F11. I don't think they'll do that. So painful for warlock.