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  1. best new class for PvP-PvE?

    The one you enjoy.
  2. best new class for PvP-PvE?

    The one you enjoy. Don't screw yourself over playing something you don't like because new gear and balances change damage.
  3. I'm thankful we don't have RNG upgrades for it. Nothing worse that that. However the number of pets required for this first set of stages seems high. Like I'd get it maybe if it were a later series of stages, but it's pretty steep for what it gives?
  4. 1. Any new items added for crafting? 2. List of soon to be bound to account items coming soon?
  5. Not getting prestige points

    Are you capped? You'll need to turn in points more frequently if your cap is low and that's because how much you can hold is based on your faction rank. You need to give prestige to a different NPC to raise your rank, not soul stones/charm NPC.
  6. People that report too much or abuse it will need F8 cooldowns (temp bans).
  7. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    A lot of people talked really poorly of you, but realistically you were fine. Maybe you'll find a company that will want you at one of those dinner parties.
  8. A Global Chat Chanel.

    I don't recall asking for it.
  9. A Global Chat Chanel.

    Server I'm on has two factions and it's nice to have conversations in chat. There are many reasons to be in the smaller faction with less terrible people, trolls, etc. People join the smaller faction (or at least on my server) for better pool of people. I've been in the smaller faction and even though it's smaller, it's a community. People don't want to leave the people they know.
  10. I wouldn't want to do those on my alts. Poor rewards and always some slightly some geared person making it boring. I wouldn't want it on my main because poor rewards and boring.
  11. Stop reusing bad event dungeons.

    Poh is one of the most fun events. Sad to hear there's nerfs.
  12. So I guess if you like burst, sustain, etc.
  13. Solo area difficulty

    Master Hong and Den of the Ancients are really troublesome. They have seemingly no attack patterns and punishing skills including range checks. I know there is a pattern, however many players are left-handed right side brain people and patterns aren't their strong point. Ultimately solo areas would be closer to Outlaw Island where the mechanics and easy to see differentiating attacks string together what to do for the player. Outlaw Island was far more challenging than how newer areas are punishing. If that cannot be done then I'll list out possible suggestions: Simplify attack patterns by removing attacks Offer more tokens or fragments to the store Solo area general nerfs or damage reductions Make first or second bosses have higher drop rates of fragments or a low chance of full token I suppose what I want isn't making it easier exactly, but less punishing and easier to learn different people.
  14. update on housing and mount please

    What you're asking for is side activities and features. Size of areas won't lead to much use for mounts and other ideas you mentioned have been done before in other games. Apparently we're getting fishing. How's that?