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  1. They know why. They're just trolling.
  2. I hate doing easy mode, but it's hard to find players to play with regularly with a shrinking playerbase and how hard mode isn't done in F8. They should have pushed hard mode a lot harder back when Lair of the Frozen Fang was still around. People weren't seeing the reason to do hard mode anymore then. Greater thought on having a learning curve and keeping mech the same between modes needs to be high priority now. Even if high damage is done instead of insta-kill there shouldn't be two different dungeons or bosses with the same name.
  3. This is mostly for PvE and I play mostly blade dancer and some warlock. Blade dancers use to have grab, now pretty much don't. Use to have flash step and bladeguard, but now I have to lose DPS for gameplay "preferences" or style. Use to have Time Distortion as an option, now have to gimp ones self pretty hard with awakening. Thrall use to be a thing (although not much). Now summoner is the only class in the game with a summon. Awakening tightened up an already painfully small set of skills and skill "choices." Awakening was suppose t
  4. If the game is to have two modes you need to have the mech matching. Do hard mode if you want more rewards. Older dungeons get phased out that's nothing new. Play your class better or re-prioritize upgrades.
  5. North America F8 No more hard mode Shrinking ladders
  6. They are or were having ad campaigns with site ads.
  7. I don't know what you mean by adding to Geforce, but I use AMD...
  8. Confusing guide for conduction. Is this a quest you do with the 12 people and 1 does it, all 12 people try to do it, or something you have to do alone before you start your weeklies?
  9. The map already suffers from invisible walls and invisible areas you can run up or onto, but I keep having issues as I do it on my characters. The NPC Iroko does not always spawn. If you get the NPC then the bridge/pillar is invisible and difficult to cross. Spent a while wondering what I needed to do and how to get up the the high area if there's nothing to cross.
  10. They're so easy that they need discord to find people.
  11. Did you even read my post? They're introducing easy mode, but it will be useless to most of the players for learning mech and even more so for hard mode. Enclosed and lesser number of people just shows you agree with the situation.
  12. Having it teach hard mode (full) mech is a must. Any boss must be kept alive to each phase is successfully completed. Notices and indicators to help show the mech. Even if it's only for newer dungeons only, as just making it just dps and complete daily challenge is a waste. F8 is becoming a ghost town and groups for newer dungeons are becoming fewer as they're introduced. Hard mode is almost non-existent. You are running out of time...and players.
  13. It's too easy for leaders of a MSP group to kick after doing a number of stages. The amount of time you put in isn't worth doing only to miss out on stages 5-6. Either make it require the vote or okay of the other party leader or a vote count. Or just discontinue/phase out content like that. Sucks that it's an area of evolved stones and onyx scale, but I'm done with it.
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