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  1. Soulstone Plains SERIOUS problem

    The problem with SSP is they haven't removed the rewards like Misty. If you think farming is hard you should try being in the smaller faction.
  2. More SSP channels please

    Idea of one channel is fine. Ultimately they need to figure a way to remove the rewards like they did with Misty. Just leave a few things like if people need achievements, costume, etc. The whole mining phase should be removed. Flawed content that caused a lot of lost players and problems for clans. It's also meant for lvl45.
  3. Decrease tokens needed to buy mao necklace

    Den is a massive jump in grind compared to previous solo-areas. Either lower the tokens needed or increase the fragments or give higher chance at whole token. It's nice they made it less punishing with dragonblood hearts but there's basically no reward for doing runs. RNG box next week doesn't even have.
  4. Garbage new event

    The problem is they're bringing back the AFK/leecher dungeon. Rewards are fine. Not every event is for where everyone is or playstyle. They should bring back the spin the wheel for a cosmetic item event back. That was fun, but PvE-only players cried over a cosmetic.
  5. List of ideas to improve

    I'm pretty whale and I cannot do such content if it became relevant because of blocking out of the other faction.
  6. List of ideas to improve

    Why want something that blocks out other players from doing?
  7. Lessen 6v6 cooldowns

    It already takes a long while to find a group. Really frustrating too if you come back online dead.
  8. List of ideas to improve

    Celestial Basin, Floor 15, Floor 20, Outlaw Island, and Soulstone Plains are old content. They said themselves and as we've seen they like to add new content (CS/HM being an exception). Why care about CB when we have Moon Refuge? KR is getting a new solo area soon. Soulstone Plains and faction content has had a very negative impact on this game, so why push for more rewards? We've been getting new premium benefits bit at a time. The special storage tab being one of them. They said multiple times and on stream they're looking into gem powder.
  9. Where are we now?

    Really disrespectful to claim they lied about something you know they didn't.
  10. Old RNG Boxes Better?

    I liked how the old box gave tokens so I could focus on things. Tokens for garnets, tokens for other things, mats, etc. Stuff that isn't bound to account was better that way for alts.
  11. Ethereal battlegrounds when?

    Both servers are blue dominate, it's just Zulia has a fair share of red clans. There are currently no faction areas that are around our gear. Faction content isn't really going to happen if there's no reward and people will just stack one side for farming. Misty and SSP were failures from the start.
  12. Down to 1 server they need to change something

    Did you watch the video? It made the change sound fine if not good. The video even forgets to add that there were a lot of dungeon nerfs making them easier.
  13. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    I'm not F2P or "near f2p" but this is shameful. Wanting to undermine those free player's massive effort and playtimes. The event is fine. Just greedy people wanting cosmetics like the owpvp wheel spin event.
  14. There are or were loads of DPS checks. Good luck doing it with 12 raven 3-6s.
  15. When they have raid events where you get extra loot...is it bad that you can't acquire TT drops with raven gear doing raven king raid? I don't see a problem.