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  1. Before Easy Mode is Introduced

    They're so easy that they need discord to find people.
  2. Before Easy Mode is Introduced

    Did you even read my post? They're introducing easy mode, but it will be useless to most of the players for learning mech and even more so for hard mode. Enclosed and lesser number of people just shows you agree with the situation.
  3. Having it teach hard mode (full) mech is a must. Any boss must be kept alive to each phase is successfully completed. Notices and indicators to help show the mech. Even if it's only for newer dungeons only, as just making it just dps and complete daily challenge is a waste. F8 is becoming a ghost town and groups for newer dungeons are becoming fewer as they're introduced. Hard mode is almost non-existent. You are running out of time...and players.
  4. MSP too much risk

    It's too easy for leaders of a MSP group to kick after doing a number of stages. The amount of time you put in isn't worth doing only to miss out on stages 5-6. Either make it require the vote or okay of the other party leader or a vote count. Or just discontinue/phase out content like that. Sucks that it's an area of evolved stones and onyx scale, but I'm done with it.
  5. Stealthy droprate nerfes

    The drop rate for something you need for PvE and PvP with it's amount needed to trade at NPC is already awful. I can't see it being worse.
  6. Soulstone Plains SERIOUS problem

    Battle phase then swap channel for other battle phase. AoE and pull-together skills help.
  7. That's almost kinda free.
  8. Dead game :(

    You talk about Trove and P2W but then you want to force people to use those methods when their faction cannot get those faction rewards.
  9. That's an even more terrible idea. Game's population people will just have waiting times when there's groups they can't enter despite being just as useful.
  10. Look for roles in F8? What if a BD or whatever wants to tank?
  11. Soulstone Plains SERIOUS problem

    The problem with SSP is they haven't removed the rewards like Misty. If you think farming is hard you should try being in the smaller faction.
  12. More SSP channels please

    Idea of one channel is fine. Ultimately they need to figure a way to remove the rewards like they did with Misty. Just leave a few things like if people need achievements, costume, etc. The whole mining phase should be removed. Flawed content that caused a lot of lost players and problems for clans. It's also meant for lvl45.
  13. Decrease tokens needed to buy mao necklace

    Den is a massive jump in grind compared to previous solo-areas. Either lower the tokens needed or increase the fragments or give higher chance at whole token. It's nice they made it less punishing with dragonblood hearts but there's basically no reward for doing runs. RNG box next week doesn't even have.
  14. Garbage new event

    The problem is they're bringing back the AFK/leecher dungeon. Rewards are fine. Not every event is for where everyone is or playstyle. They should bring back the spin the wheel for a cosmetic item event back. That was fun, but PvE-only players cried over a cosmetic.