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  1. Which NCSoft do you support on this issue? The NCSoft that said they were not going to do any kind of censorship because they want the art to be exactly the way it was intended to be seen? Or do you support the NCSoft that changed the art AFTER they said roughly 9 times that there would be no changes because they want the art to be seen as was intended by the artists. Just curious which one you are saying you support.
  2. exactly. The content is very boring. Farmville is more exciting.
  3. Killing a mostly stationary target 300+ time can not compare to the excitement of group pvp. How are you even comparing them?
  4. oh well. Dark Souls III coming out next week. Enjoying Paragon as well. Hope they make a change to B&S soon cause the boredom is real.
  5. QFT The content is very boring. You need to run it multiple 100's of times for 1 upgrade. Maybe.. just maybe, if the content was a bit more interesting, more stuff to do except the same old dungeon. The game looks pretty, combat is fun, nothing to do. Go kill that yeti for the 300th time. and maybe, just maybe you can upgrade your weapon.... to keep killing that yeti 10 seconds faster.
  6. Cry about every god dam thing? You mean, asking for interesting content and asking for a fun game is crying about every god dam thing? Game is boring to the extreme. Don't have me grind the same thing 300 times for maybe getting enough materials for an upgrade. 300 times of boring easy content that doesn't even require a full group of people in top gear. It can be done with 2 people in 3rd top gear. Yeah. I'm crying about it. I didn't realize this game would be that easy and boring. Imagine failing upgrades in this bore fest. Seriously, you can defend this if you want. I don't see how you logically can. It isn't fun. Chess is more fun and there's zero grind to it. I don't want to kill yeti another 275 more times in my 3 party group splitting darts just for an upgrade. That's just way to long of the same easy content for 1 upgrade.
  7. So you are saying that darts will double in drops in future content? do you not understand the point here? In order for me to get 1 out of the 1 upgrades needed, i need to farm the same dungeon 100's of times. 100's.... literally. It's boring and easy and contains zero challenge. It can be done with 2 people in less gear then what i currently have. How are you defending this?
  8. my current gear is not the point. The point is to get another upgrade, one of 10 more that i need, it's about a 200 hour grind of the exact same easy 4 man dungeon.
  9. not instant gratification, but something a bit more reasonable. Currently im at 572 AP, and im grinding forever to get enough darts for my next weapon upgrade. it's just way to long. Literally 100's of dungeons just to get enough for 1 upgrade. I'm not asking for something instant, but something a bit less boring. I can 2 man all 4 man dungeons without max gear.. this game is easy and mind numbing. Gear takes forever on top of it. I'm kinda done for now.
  10. Any plans on dealing with them and their profits? There's gotta be at least 5 in every channel on mushin server. Is there any punishment for doing it? I don't get it. Why are their so many and no way to stop it.
  11. Why WL? FM is far superior to farming. More damage, mobility, and survival.
  12. To all the elitist out there

    I don't mean to sound rude.... But what is the purpose of this thread? Anyone with an average IQ knows what you are trying to do. You are simply showing people that your short-comings are hidden by your current attack power. People don't like this. No one likes this. This behavior is abhorrent. No one cares and all that you accomplished is having people think ill of you. And the funny thing is, You are probably thinking that anyone thinking ill of you is just jealous. There's going to be 1000 people in a day or two with that attack power. In a week even more. Stop trying to show 'how awesome you are'.... because you really are not a special snowflake. I hope you sit back and reflect on this (probably won't) and learn some humility. Because your false pride is far worse then any elitism that may or may not exist.
  13. I would love them. It would help out on me maximizing my damage output. It would let me know if throwing extra dragonblaze before buff wears off is worth it for reduced meteor cooldown. I don't know and it's all guesswork right now. Do I only use it once every 12 seconds? Or should I be using it even more as it hits harder then blazing beam? DPS meters would really let me know and help me improve. As for other people. I could care less what your dps is. I know it's crap because you are worried about dps meters. If I use F8 I don't need dps meters to know if you are terrible. It would be evident in the way you play, looking at uptime on boss and seeing your abilities being used. DPS meter would only confirm with numbers what I (and many) already know. And most "elitist" usually play in premade groups and don't really care about F8 grouping. If some "elitist" is being a douche in F8, just simply ignore them. F8 is there to play however you want.
  14. Press 2 from stun followed by Z followed by V and watch archers kill him in 1 hit
  15. I'm close to my 1000 essence needed for a bw gem. I already have the Citrine. Is the +3 attack one worth it with level 50 coming out so soon? or will i be using it for a long time?