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  1. wow, is this guy serious? I..... have no words for this
  2. Great job NCSoft

    great to see a positive post on the forums. (unless of course you are being sarcastic in which case, I hate you)
  3. they never mentioned bots. So I assume they mean balance when fighting other people
  4. So I don't know how many of you guys watch the youtube channel MMO' but in their most recent podcast they were speaking about the MMO they found to be the biggest let down. Ragnarok 2 was said, so was Gunz 2 and then one of their members, Shurelya said that the biggest mmo let down she has ever played was Blade and Soul. She of course went on to complain about how terribly unbalanced the classes are. Basically saying that the balance issues were so bad and so outrageous that it ruined any fun that could be had with the game. I find this to be completely absurd, What does everyone here think?
  5. How do the Yun reproduce?

    Don't you know how magical yuri is? Yuri is so magical it produces other women to make more yuri
  6. Lyn is best race

    I have a gon with max chest and she is amazing
  7. Blackram Narrow

    the fix is to buy a key from the store. its like that cuz they want you to spend money.
  8. Lyn is best race

    oh god, now you people are going on about traps? Can you be more disgusting?
  9. Cool sword glamours?

    I think its just a variety of monsters in the earliest zones
  10. Cool sword glamours?

    the vendor weapons can't be glamoured but stone sword drops from mobs and I think you might find it on the market place
  11. How is Blade Master?

    my thoughts are they are like a mix between destroyer and assassin. So in other words, really cool
  12. Cool sword glamours?

    one of the very first weapons you get like the stone sword or something looks like a much traditional samurai sword. I use that for my glamour
  13. Dirty Player Names

    no im not, you just don't understand that this is a forum username not the name of a character which is what I was talking about
  14. Dirty Player Names

    And why do you think nudity and adult themes are inappropriate?
  15. Dirty Player Names

    You realize this is just my forum name right? Its not the names of my characters, or did that not get through your skull?